Her soft touch feels like a gossamer soft feather caressing my cheek. Her eyes sparkle like large, languid pools of mischief almost too big on her pretty face. She looks at me with an unwavering stare, unblinking, her look almost searing its way through my soul. Her smell, nay fragrance is divine. I close my Read More →

It was 8 am on a chilly December morning in Bangalore. There was huge commotion around a stationary school bus. Anxious parents were crowding near the single door of the bus. There were some who were trying to hang from the window panes desperate for one last glimpse, anxiety writ large on their faces. There Read More →

When Purba Ray of A-musing fame asks you for a Guest Post, you really feel like you have arrived. She is one of the most widely acclaimed and seriously talented bloggers out there. Her sparkling wit, razor-sharp sarcasm, delightful humor and heart-tugging sensitivity make for a blog that is truly a delight to read and Read More →

My blogger friend Zephyr of cybernag.in kindly consented to do a Guest blog post today on my 11th Wedding Anniversary. Zephyr is a grandmother whose blog I’ve been following for some time now. Her blog posts are full of wisdom and humor, both the qualities I cherish. I feel a connect with her and sometimes Read More →