Mussoorie (pronounced Masūrī) is a hill station in India renowned for its heights, beautiful flora, and breathtaking variety in fauna. A resort town atop of being a popular station, it’s in the northern part of India within the district of Dehradun, and is famous for having a history entwined with the 1959 Tibetan Rebellion. According Read More →


India lives in its small towns. Amid the squalor and narrow lanes exists warmth and hospitality.  Here the neighbors still know each other’s families since generations. There is a beautiful element of culture and tradition yet a brush with modernity and a burning zeal to excel. I love to travel, and some of my most Read More →

Today, I have the pleasure of hosting Prasad Np known popularly in the blog world as the Desi Traveler. If you want to read the stories behind the journeys, head to his blog. The pictures are breathtaking; the experiences real and invigorating. His blog is a favorite travel blog of mine. His foray into blogging Read More →

We started our journey by road to Wayanad from Bangalore. We were going to a small homestay,Treasure Trove, our first destination.  The trip itinerary and booking was done by Shivya and Sifty from India Untravelled courtesy the Indiblogger contest that I’d won recently. We had done this route earlier and knew the route quite well. Read More →

After gastronomically delightful stays in Delhi and Agra that I detailed in Foodie vacation and foodie vacation continues in Agra, we move on to the city of Amritsar. The scary incident in the train notwithstanding, we looked forward to our stay here. And the city delights every single time I visit. After we reached our Read More →

The previous post detailed the food escapades in Delhi. So we caught a train to Agra which took a wee bit more time than by car from Delhi. I was looking forward to going to Agra that we had skipped on our last tour to North India a couple of years back. Not only is Read More →