When Indiblogger sent a special invite for #BergerXP Indimeet, I registered immediately. It is because Indiblogger is a team I personally like. Down to earth with a great sense of humour, they know how to hold meets and yet look out for the interests of the bloggers well. I knew the meet will be fun and will have something useful for me to take away. And, I don’t mean vouchers or T-shirts. 😉

I was also keen on hearing the story of Berger Paints. To be honest, I have always used Asian Paints in my home. Five years down the line, it is time for a retouch/repaint. The ceiling definitely needs a fresh coat and I wanted to see if Berger could be a choice of paint for me.

First things first, we started off with lunch. After battling Bangalore traffic for 1.5 hours on a Saturday afternoon, I was in a lousy mood. That lightened up after I met with many of many blogging buddies. A passable lunch later, we were suitably fueled for an interesting session.

This time the check in was very informal. And we thoroughly enjoyed our time catching up and meeting friends old and new. As we sat down at our tables, Anoop walks in with his trademark smile. We know good things are in store. Anoop has effortlessly kept up the fun quotient of Indiblogger meets, and this time was no different.

To get the lazy bones going, we did not do the usual hurr hurr. But this time, we had to do some Zen-like movements. Doing a jumping jack in a sari was not my idea of fun but the fluid movements were otherwise nice. Thankfully, Karthik took pity on us and there were no burpees on the cards later. 🙂

Berger Paints

The next game took us back to childhood. We had to tie a balloon to our foot and then burst the balloon of the people around us. The last person standing won. We were back to being kids – jumping, dodging, bursting balloons excitedly and giggling like children. In no time, I found myself along with two other people as the last ones standing with a balloon. We tried but no one was able to burst any more. So we ended with a tie and applause. It set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Berger Paints

Next, Chandranath Bannerjee — Services Head, Express Painting, took the stage and shared the Berger Express Painting experience with us. He did not refer to notes, slides or any formal presentation tools. I felt impressed. With my presentation and Marketing experience, while presenting I prefer people who do not hide behind podiums or say things which they don’t seem to mean. He was open, forthright and knowledgeable.

So yes, just like Avis, Berger being number 2 works harder. That is always an approach that works.

It is also the fastest growing paint company in India in the last 5 years.

Mr. Banerjee took us through the Express Painting Process taking pains to explain how the process is quick, creates less dust (the biggest problem with getting the house painted), protects furniture and floors and provides great, long-lasting results. They have special covers for your furniture and also equipment to help move heavy furniture around. The painters are trained to use the latest tools and methods. There is a mechanism for the consumers to rate them as well.

Express Painting works well for both consumers and painters. We get a great painting solution that takes lesser time, is less messy, creates less dust and is of high quality. The painters finish their work in lesser time and work optimally thus making more money.

And of course, Berger offers a wide range of paints that are priced for all needs from the lowest to the ultra premium.

Berger Paints

Since I am looking at repainting my house, I was keen to know if I could switch brands. And I learned that I could with ease. Also, I was advised not to get only touch ups done but entire repainting to enable the look to be uniform. So, I guess it is time to reach out to Berger for more details.

Here are some more facts about Express Painting by Berger Paints that will interest you:

  • 40 percent faster than traditional painting
  • Trained painters for efficient and better painting
  • Sparkling results with no-mess tools
  • Cutting-edge vacuum suction-enabled sanding machines keep your house dust-free
  • Better coverage and smoothness guaranteed each time
  • Certified tools ensure a better finish with high efficiency
  • All these benefits and more offered at no additional cost

Berger Paints

Then we got down and actually got in the thick of things. Yes, we sandpapered a block of wood with paint to make it smooth and uniform. I have seen the painters at my home do it often but doing it by myself was an experience that I’ll remember. It makes you understand the painting process better especially the dust bit. It was a group activity where we looked like surgeons but worked like hooligans. My team, Berger BFFs, managed to do this task quickly and efficiently as women are wont to do. ☺

Berger Paints

Next activity was painting on a canvas. We were given a few themes and our team picked Incredible Colours of India. We also got the chance to literally get our hands dirty as we understood the paint mixing and staining process.

Berger Paints

Before that, we got to see primers, stainers and paints along with different painting equipment that was laid out for us. We were shown primers, dilution of paints with water and then staining with the stainer to create different shades. It was actually nice to do this ourselves.

Berger Paints

Again made us connect better with the painting process. We worked well as a team, helping, offering suggestions and we were the first team to finish our canvas ahead of time. You can see in the picture how it looked. Pretty proud of this effort. So much fun working with my gang of women. And again painting after ages. I think this is an activity I need to do more often.

After a round of tea/coffee/cookies and some more friendly banter, we quickly got together for a group picture. Just like that the meet had come to an end. So many hours flew by and we did not even realize they had.

This was an evening well spent amid friends, laughter and cheer. A special mention to Berger who promoted the brand in the best manner possible by making it grow on you subtly. Nothing pushy or boring about the exercise.

And Indiblogger team is as always the best. Oh, by the way, we did have a short round of hurr hurr as we wound up. Till next time!

Pic courtesy: Indiblogger

Details about Express Painting through Berger

26 Thoughts on “A Day Well Spent with Friends, Chatter and Berger Paints #BergerXP

  1. Interesting, though, it looks more like a Berger paints promotional meet than an Indiblogger meet.

    • It was an event sponsored by Berger so obviously. But as I mentioned the activities were really fun and there was no boring presentation. A truly Indiblogger meet in all respects. 🙂

  2. Sounds like an fun event and lots of interesting info on Berger paints!

  3. Such a great time! Congratulations on the wins, Rachna! See you again soon!

  4. So wonderful seeing such events, really makes for a one big family!

  5. We had so much fun. Can’t wait to meet you guys again.

  6. That’s a lot of activities for a blogger meet. Like you said, the Indiblogger team is absolutely the best. They are the most chilled out yet so efficient.

  7. Indiblogger events are always fulfilled , evident from what you described , Rachna

  8. The hurr hurr was fun 😉 and yes, what a lovely day it was. I am glad we all planned to attend and made it. No fun without friends 🙂

  9. So you are champion balloon burster – congratulations! And that in a sari. Double wow!
    I’ve said this earlier – I love the idea of express painting. Otherwise it is such a terrible chore getting the house done. It is on the cards in the next few months and I’m dreading it already. Must explore this concept.

  10. We had this in Kolkata last year and thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening and it was a first Indiblogger event for me so was a learning experience too. Wish they have some national meet where all of us can meet together

    • Yes, that would be really wonderful — an all India meet. Berger guys mentioned that they had a meet in Kolkata last year and the first one for you guys? Wow!

  11. Superb round up, Rachna! As always, it’s fun when friends are involved

  12. Great party you have had it seems, Must have been fun meeting up so many bloggers. I am in Chhattisgarh and meeting any blogger is a really impossible event for me. loved the pics

  13. Ah ! Missed this completely.. didnt even know abt it.. Looks like you guys had good fun !

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