men in my life

I was watching this video, and it struck a chord – the easy camaraderie and the banter between the husband and wife. The skirting around a sensitive topic, yet conveying the much-needed message. It is no secret that men and women empower each other. Having been married for more than a decade and a half, Read More →

Ugadi Godrej Hit

Ugadi – The Festival Ugadi will be celebrated on 8th April. It is celebrated in the states of Karnataka and Andhra with much festivity. Having lived in Maharashtra earlier, I had seen how Gudi Padwa as it is known in Maharashtra is celebrated with much joy and fervour. My mother-in-law is a Maharashtrian from Mysore. Read More →

When parents grow old

It is very difficult to watch your parents grow old. Those strong hands that held your fingers and taught you how to walk. Those strong shoulders on which you bounced again and again gurgling with laughter. Those bright eyes that lit up when you went to them animated, regaling a tale or announcing a victory. Read More →


The clock chimed 8 pm. “Late again, “ Rohan cursed himself. “But today, no matter what, I will go to the gym, no matter how late I get.” Determined Rohan, 52, pot-bellied, a Top Executive in a multinational company jumped into his car. The traffic was thick even at this hour. He glanced at his mobile Read More →

Jugaad is a classic Indian favorite. Loosely translated it means a quick fix or an innovative workaround to use the resources available. You may have come across ingenious tales of jugaad in your daily lives. But this jugaad in daily lives could give rise to a ‘chalta hai’ approach when some people take it too Read More →

contact lenses

You already know the bane of my childhood was getting glasses at a very young age. I was still in 1st grade when I got my first pair and they were ugly. They made me look like an alien. Add to it the fact that no kids in my age group wore spectacles. I absolutely Read More →

Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund‘s #JanoTohMano video above took me back to my college days when we used to pass chits around to convey messages. Seriously those days seem so far away and unreal now. Yes, no mobile phones, WhatsApp or even easy access to emails back then. It is not to say that there wasn’t Read More →