Gifts, there is something remarkable about them. We all go gooey eyed and trembly kneed when we open a carefully wrapped gift, our hearts beating faster in anticipation of what the glorious package holds. And, then comes the moment when the gift is unveiled and joy spills over. When these gifts are for children, the emotions writ large on their faces are even more endearing. For me, the best part of giving a gift is watching the look of surprise that turns into delight when they finally realize what they have. That is a priceless moment in eternity. Just like the one, the video above captures.

Yes, there is a wishmaster around, and he is called, Flipkart. Last year, my brother wanted to send rakhis on behalf of his newborn daughter to my sons. You know how stressed parents are with a baby in the house so he completely forgot about it till the very day before rakhi. But then, he flipkarted a lovely set of rakhis with chocolates, and they ensured that it reached the next morning. That is just how wishes are fulfilled and loved ones are cared for.

You know I have been buying books for the longest time on Flipkart.  It is the best portal to get books for children. My son squealed with delight when he found a beautiful gift-wrapped set of Amar Chitra Kathas that a loving friend sent. I don’t know about you, but it is a sight to behold when a little child opens that gift wrap and finds his most cherished wish fulfilled.


Just a few days back, my elder son came home dejected. His favorite cricket bat was broken. Well, what do you know? Mummy orders this shiny new bat for him. Both the kids were jumping up and down when the friendly Flipkart delivery man got it for them. They thanked him profusely while I exchanged a smile.

While going through WhatsApp, I chanced upon the video sent by a close relative. Last year, I splurged on squishy toys and rattles for their baby daughter. I also sent her a pretty Disney Princess dress, which made her look like a real princess. These were sent to them through Flipkart. Her clapping and joy on hugging Simba and chewing Nemo warms my heart every time I see that video. So what if I was far away, I could send so much joy her way. How fulfilling is that!

Since the summer holidays are on, the Mechanix DIY Kit is the best gift to keep my little mechanic happily engaged. It was a cousin who gifted him this. I was kicking myself that I did not think of this gift when I saw how he howled with happiness. Even teens are savvy enough to choose and flipkart just the right gifts for their loved ones. It’s that easy.

There is something magical about gifting to children. The rewards are priceless – a toothy grin, hugs and loads of I love yous.

#EveryWishFulfilled is a tall order, but with Flipkart’s wishmaster you’ll manage just fine.

24 Thoughts on “#EveryWishFulfilled for every child

  1. Suitable that my post today is about gifts too, but of a different kind 😀

    I agree with the ease of online gifting today and places like Flipkart that made this easier. Secret Santa this year was so much fun and easy thanks to this!

  2. True, online shopping has made the job easier. Sending gifts to someone living in another city never was so smooth. Nice post-Rachna… 🙂

  3. Right Rachna …online shopping is indeed a wishing well ..wish that all wishes of all children come true 🙂

  4. Nice post Rachna! With Mother’s day around gifting is one important event either online or from home.

  5. Truly said about moment of eternity. That’s the greatest joy – Joy of seeing others in joyful mood because of you.

  6. Happy Mother’s Day to you Rachna! Gifts are indeed lovely – and as a heavy Flipkart user I know just what you mean! Love!

  7. HAPPY mothers Day Rachna mam.. 🙂

    I need to try this flipkart thing for sure 🙂

    and with lovely parents like you i am sure all the wishes of kiddies will come true 🙂


  8. That moment when we see a happy smile in the faces of our dear little ones, nothing can replace it. gifting is indeed joy. nice post, Rachna.

  9. Great post and I agree that online retailers have done gifting so easy. For children, I am glad the ones in your life were happy with what they received 🙂

  10. I guess I would be recording the same reaction with Amazon here! 🙂

  11. A Gift can change a life, if sufficient care has been taken to choose it. Unfortunately, most of the times we don’t know the needs of the person whom we are going gift. So we buy some stuff, which may appear lovely on the surface, but may not be of much help to the person. I would prefer to move away from the fads and gift something which the person may really need. However, it is easier said than done. 🙂

    • Yes, that’s right, Sabyasachi. Many times we don’t really know what the other person wants. But as you may have noticed, all the instances I mentioned were of close family members whose wishes are often known to us especially of children. With kids, I still like old-fashioned gifting of things they like. With adults, I completely go with what you say. Intangibles sometimes do work better.

  12. Oh yes, everybody loves gifts but the excitement, joy and anticipation of opening a gift by a child is amazing! Flipkart is my fav too, for its wide range and prompt service!

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