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I love food experiments and generally cooking turns into a fad based thing for me. (I mean, besides the daily food that needs to be cooked).  I tend to go overboard with new recipes/food stuffs/ food trends. So for me I find it easier to reach for culinary blogs as opposed to the cookbooks which I feel are fast becoming a thing of yore.

1. Practicality and ease

Cookbooks are expensive, consume space and one can’t buy too many of them. These are also often bulky with glossy pages that get spoilt in the kitchen while cooking. I can jump up and down the blog page far more easily than in a cook book.

Blogs are handier as they can be opened up on the mobile/tab and one can cook side by side with music playing too. I know you can put on music on a player separately with a cookbook, but then to control it you have to wander away from the cooking pot 😉

*It’s pretty quick to research and locate a recipe on the internet and I often look up three different blogs for the same recipe. This helps me to double check a recipe and often I find very useful tips from different cooks.  

2. Step-by-step instructions

In a cookbook, generally, there are just 1-2 pictures of the finished dish and food preparation. But on a blog, one will find step by step instructions, illustrated with step by step pictures which help to gauge how well you are following the instructions for the recipe. It’s far easier to check your mistakes and correct them.

* I find my recipes turn out much better this ways.

3. More Information

It’s easier to put in more information on a blog than in a cookbook. Plus it’s far easier to edit a blog whereas in case of a cookbook, it needs a much more lengthy and expensive process. I love the nutrition info and quantity it makes information that is generally seen more often on the blogs than in the cookbooks.

* This info helps me select the most preferred version of the healthy recipe when I cross check different blogs. Plus I ensure no wastage or excess quantity as I can initially know to halve or double the quantity of ingredients.

4. Sharing the recipe

It’s far easier to share the recipe of what you have successfully made with friends and family when it’s from a blog. Just share the link and that’s it. With a cookbook, you might be dictating/typing it over a phone call/message or sending a picture of the recipe page. But when a blog link is shared, one can also cross through the entire blog to check out other useful recipes.

5. Saving the recipe

Culinary blogs often have a neat printable section of the recipe that one can print and file, if one wishes to in a binder of successfully made recipes. This way only the recipes that worked out for you will be in your records. Or one can simply bookmark the blog page on the computer and save for future reference.

Most of my cookbooks have post-its which have either fallen off or gotten lost inside the book itself over the course of time. Often I forget which recipe from which cookbook and have to hunt through all of them.

So there you have it, my reasons for loving culinary blogs over the traditional cookbooks. But I have to confess I love strewing around the cookbooks on my centre tables and bookshelves as they really look smart 😉

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4 Thoughts on “Face off – Cookbooks vs Culinary Blogs

  1. I agree. Food blogs are much better, easier to follow and share than a cook book. I have one by Nigella Lawson I picked up years ago, and whenever I bring it out to try something new, I am more worried about something spilling onto than working on the recipe! ;P

  2. Food blogs get my vote too. Detailed recipes with images of each step and a video makes it super easy to follow the recipe.
    But I love my cookbooks too, which helped me to learn cooking and experimenting in the kitchen with the husband in the pre-blog era. We have some 50 of them and love checking out recipes from the books too.

  3. Food blogs get my vote! There are so many variations and I feel cookbooks are sort of restrictive. I have a few favorite food blogs and I’m comfortable with them 🙂

  4. Happy Deepavali! Visiting your blog after a loooong gap…

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