I have been someone who has always thought of myself as a fit and healthy person. Yes, that is my persona in my mind, a fit, healthy, intelligent and driven woman. Whether it was good metabolism or loads of activity and eating home cooked food, I was slim through my childhood (actually too thin), teen years and 20s. But, I had very low strength in my legs, and my fitness was pretty pathetic. Have you ever wondered why we are just obsessed at being thin even at the cost of low stamina, no energy and flexibility? No one cared when we were growing up to enforce sporting activity or physical play time for girls. At least that was my experience.

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20s and 30s despite having kids were pretty decent. I gained weight but never got overweight. I remember that my interest in finding out what foods were healthy and cooking myself really began after my marriage and when I went to stay in the US in the early 2000s. Our apartment complex had a gym and I used to go and do cycling and treadmill there while watching TV. 🙂 Not too many people worked out back then at least not women. I also hardly knew what I was doing but I enjoyed doing it. 🙂

Cooking myself or eating at home is really one of the best habits that I cultivated that has held me and my family in good stead over the years. But 40s began with the most challenging time in my life. Suddenly I started experiencing horrible perimenopause symptoms. My metabolism slowed down and I struggled with body pain that curtailed my regular exercising. As a result I gained a few kilos. And then came a terrible injury of my knee during one of the hikes on a holiday about 2.5 years ago. My meniscus tore. I was in excruciating pain. For days and weeks, I could not keep my leg bent let alone climb stairs or walk.

Possibly, it was the worst period of my life. My ortho doctor after 3 months of treatment recommended physiotherapy. I was struggling with feeling my lowest. The pain in my knee was a constant. Exercise was something that was far from my mind, and I no longer cared for how much my weight was. I was in a dreadful mind space. Three months of physiotherapy with a very capable therapist turned my life around. I no longer needed to limp or hobble around. There was still a persistent knee pain but it was getting better. I had to do about 6 months more of the knee exercises to finally get rid of it. And there were so many setbacks that happened in that period. But what mattered is that I triumphed. Eventually.

It was as if I had the biggest gift in my life. Walking, climbing steps, working out, even running and hiking painlessly. You only cherish what you have once it has been taken away. And I fully concur there. My body bounced back from a horrible ordeal. I had enjoyed running before my injury, but now I was told not to, at least outdoors. My stamina was back. But I had some weight to shed. I got on an 8-week nutrition and exercise plan and lost 4-5 Kg. last year. I was back physically to where I wanted.

2020 has been many horrible things but touchwood I have been exercising and eating well. I also completed my Nutritionist certification course in January this year. I saw first hand what expert guidance both in terms of physiotherapy and nutrition coaching did for me. Coupled with my own passion, I knew this was the path I have to take. This followed by a few more courses as a Health Coach and coaching people close to me, taking feedback and honing my skills.

Personally, I eat moderately. I eat everything. I eat sensibly and I listen to my body. I don’t count Calories or macros on a daily basis. And I don’t give up the traditional Indian food I grew up eating though I do tweak it. I also love cooking with my Air fryer. I exercise 30-45 minutes 5 times a week. And my fitness in my mid-40s is better than what it was in my 20s and 30s. I feel so proud of my body that has given birth to 2 children, has faced ups and downs and has always had my back.

After coaching a few close friends and relatives who were struggling with crazy diets and impossible exercise routines, I felt that I could bring a humane and realistic approach to nutrition and fitness. Also there is so much misinformation, so much confusion on what, how much to eat and how to sustain the weight/fat loss. I aim to help people develop habits that they can sustain for a lifetime.

Currently, I am coaching three wonderful women. If this is something that you are struggling with, reach out to me by emailing me at rachnacooks@gmail.com and let’s talk. Man or woman do pay attention to what to your diet and fitness.

5 Thoughts on “Why My Eating and Fitness is All About Moderation

  1. 1) I so agree with you. When it comes to physica play time no one really cares much about it for girls. In fact as a mother of two girls now, thats what I push them to do. Get out play, pick any sport of your choice.

    Cooking at home as habit I cultivated only after i sfited to Karwar as there werent many options. But i realise thats the best thing to have happened. Sometimes life has its own way to teach us lessons.

    Glad that you triumphged after the injury. I can understand how painful it must have been . But admire your strength to have worked your way out of it.

    I wish you the best of luck Rachna in your journey.

  2. I agree with you. My fitness journey has been all about moderation and eating everyday food – freshly made.

  3. This must have been such a rewarding journey. I am so happy for you. And I’m so glad you are back to writing here on this blog. I’ve missed reading your more personal posts.

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