In keeping with the terrible 2’s, Gautam has become terribly forceful and stubborn. He wants everything to be done his way or else he wails pretty loudly. I don’t mind the independent stuff like trying to eat or drink himself and creating a mess in the bargain. His idea of brushing his teeth is swirling the toothbrush around in his mouth, create foam out of the barely there toothpaste and then swallowing it. As a last resort, he allows me to do some actual brushing to him :).

While eating, he prefers rotis because he can stuff pieces into his mouth by himself. He doesn’t mind dropping or throwing food to the floor and then promptly picking it up to feed himself. Finally, he is potty trained at night. So, he sleeps without the diaper and gets up in the morning for his pee. He is having hardly any accidents, luckily. The credit for this goes entirely to Gurdev for his persistence.
Gautam has begun pedaling his tricycle with gusto.
When it comes to learning, despite my reinforcing all colours seem to be blue to him 🙂 ( he says boo). He knows there are colours like red and yellow but still everything is blue. At his age, Siddharth knew the colours and shapes too. Partly, because my lack of effort too ! But, as they say don’t compare siblings.
Gautam is the chowkidar of the house. He HAS to open the door and close it too, be it the main door, the toilet door, the balcony door, any door in the house. He has learnt how to latch it too and open it. So if someone rings the doorbell, they have to wait patiently till Gautam climbs down a flight of stairs and comes down to open the door. If, God forbid, someone else opens the door, all hell breaks loose and there will be high-level drama of rolling on the floor, accompanied with loud wailing and pointing fingers and shouting. The same applies to shutting any doors in the house,too. I am using it to my advantage by asking him to see who is at the door :).
My maid calls him the grandfather of the house, always muttering away something and extra enthusiastically locking the front door often leaving the people who want to get inside standing out 🙂

3 Thoughts on “Gautam – Mr. Independent, Mr. Gatekeeper

  1. This is really good to see somebody taking care of home so well. At least not to worry about the same for windows also and no thief can think about entering your house. I am warning Manas and Ajay to be alert for this after hearing that thief news:) I hope Siddhu is careful with his younger brother and patiently waiting everytime outside the door.

  2. Also, not to forget those times when he wants to cuddle up to us, he keeps muttering mew..mew and an occasional squeal. At these times he is the darling person personified.
    Did u forget how he wants to be the person who downs his pants himself when he is taken to pee. Even if you have done it he will take the pants up and then down and then he’ll wail for a while reinforcing to u that u must never do it again i.e. not letting him do things.
    And i don’t know from where he has picked this habit of chewing on his nails. His nails are half gone! Nobody in our family chews nails.

  3. Manika, I think asking Gautam to guard anything more will only increase my headache :). To teach patience to Siddharth is even tougher than sending Chandrayaan to moon. I have lost all my patience in the bargain ;).

    Gurdev, nice inputs which I had forgotten to add.

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