I am talking about the big hue and cry created when some of Gandhi’s belongings were going to be auctioned by the owner Mr. James Otis from LA. Well, I feel it is no matter of national pride if Gandhi’s belongings are held by someone else. We can’t possibly go tracking and finding everything that the Mahatma owned and try to possess it. Also, let’s focus on the Gandhian ideals of non-violence, upliftment of poor, politics of inclusiveness and others which are dying a slow death in this world filled with hatred and an eye-for-an-eye philosophy.

If we respect the Mahatma, let’s respect what he lived and died for and not run after material belongings spending crazy amounts of money to retrieve them. I find this hue and cry in the garb of patriotism, ridiculous. The Mahatma will always belong to India and to the world, as well.

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