I think, people are right in saying that the youngest child in the family always remains young in the minds of the parents. I objectively say that I don’t pamper him. At least, I try not to :). But, it is difficult to not succumb to his charms when he asks for something in his sweet voice.

He is always willing to give a kiss or a hug. And, no matter, what other tensions or troubles weigh on your mind, he will prop himself on my lap or Gurdev’s and talk in his baby voice or just give us tight hugs and kisses till we lighten up. He is not one to hold grudges. And, even after firing him, the very next minute he is smiling and hugging us. Gurdev and I have named him our little stress buster :). He is a really sweet child, and very soon he will be 4 years old!

It seems pretty amazing, and it really feels like a few days ago when I held this wrinkled baby in my arms, all squirmy and crying. Today, he is a very cute and shy child with an amazing smile. And, when he sleeps, he is so adorable that I can just keep looking at him…..

And, he speaks so beautifully. His sentences are grammatically correct and not the normal baby tongue, we hear from kids in age. I am a little finicky about language and take a lot of pride in this.

These days, we do a lot of coloring with crayons, together. That and his little cars are his passions in life.

15 Thoughts on “Gautam — our little stress buster

  1. hey so nice to rad so much about Gautam..kids are so sweet…specially for mothers…they are our pride..hai na…

  2. well its a 2 way street here. he creates stress for me and then as u say is a great stress buster.


  3. @Rohini Absolutely right, rohini. Kids are very special for parents. We might crib tons about their mischief, but we cannot seem to have enough of their antics :). Hope Neil is well.

    @wise donkey Very cheeky :). Maybe, God meant us to experience both sides of the coin. It is not easy to bring up a child, but the happiness they give you cannot be given by anyone else.

  4. Nice…:)

    hey issue of pamapering the youngest kids happened when you had so many and the youngest was born when you are in your 50’s and the elder ones are in their teens

    Today there is no age gap b/w the kids and you even wont be able to make out who is the youngest!!!

    Uh-huh….is my observation a stupid one!

  5. @Jon I really don’t know about that. My mom had her kids earlier than me, and we were three of us. And, she was very young when she was done with her kids. I just think that the expectations from the elder children are more, and the younger one is always “young,” hence gets away with doing less and being less responsible.

    Your observation is from another perspective but definitely not stupid :).

  6. Youngest one will remain youngest hamesha!!

    IIn our family we use to call my yungest sis as “Bachchi” (hope you understand that) and till date we all call her by the same name even though she is a 16 yr old girl (and she hates that name :))

    While reading your post I easily correlates it with Shaurya. He did the samethings. In one minute he will be throwing away everything to make you angry and next minute will hold you tightly to take away all the anger


  7. @Bhuupesh We used to call our younger brother “chhotu” and still do, and he hates it.:)

    I think all young kids will be similar to a certain extent in their behavior.

  8. I find that all three of my children are so very unique, and that is great. They each bring something different to my life! My youngest is a girl and we have an extra special bond. Your little fellow sounds very special indeed.

  9. Thanks Cheryl!

  10. That’s really great and emotional…. actually it depends.. I am the younger child but on the contrary, I am the one parents expect from… but every child is indeed special… 🙂 have fun with your special one… 🙂

  11. ya…enjoy the moment buddy:)

  12. @Jaanvi Yes, I guess. And, this is what all of us mothers do — enjoy watching our kids grow up.

    @Ramesh Thanks!

  13. It is true, but nowadays the family size is becoming so small that it is a privilege to pamper the child

  14. so sweet rachna..thanks for sharing

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