April is a month in which I generally take a break. It is a month of family travel, less reading and writing. But this year, this trend was turned on its head. It has been an extremely hectic month workwise. Here is a roundup for this month:

Coco Smart Homes is keeping me inspired day and night. I attended #BreakingBarriers event held by Women’s Web and that was a great opportunity not only to showcase my products but also to network with other bright-eyed women entrepreneurs. Some of the exchange of ideas and feedback was quite useful. We are currently looking to both expand our team and our range of products. And I am very excited with what we have planned. So that is consuming a lot of my time as I am very hands on with everything communication, right from creating Marketing materials, online creative to website, blog, online marketing, offline Marketing and so on. I have so many ideas bubbling in my head that I continue to dwell upon them as I fall asleep. So very grateful for this buzz and excitement though it is really exhausting. I am working from morning to night and there are highs and lows.

I am also very grateful for my regular client work especially my long-term projects and brand collaborations. Really thankful to my colleagues and PR partners. I enjoy writing. I really do. And my blogs are my passion. Even though they make me money, they are first and foremost my creative outlet, my passion. So grateful for them!

There is a lot going on at home front. We got some major work done at home. External painting just wound up. And it is such a joy to see all your toil come to fruition.

The younger son recently finished reading Ramayan, The Epic. He is now onto Mahabharat and is also reading Harry Potter simultaneously. Pretty amazing choices, I’d say. The older one is also having a very hectic schedule. We went and got their new books. Always love the feel and smell of new books.

One of the highlights of the month was when I found myself nominated as The Most Inspirational Blogger at The Annual Bloggers Awards to be held in the UK. I think I was the only Indian blog to be nominated, and that very fact was a huge shot in the arm. Always a great feeling when one’s work is appreciated. So very grateful to the person who nominated me and also for all my friends who voted for me. Here is the cute badge they sent.

Another highlight was when I got a pretty good work offer that I had to refuse because of lack of time. But the fact that the CEO came home to pitch to me was quite something. It makes you realize how much you are appreciated for your work. And that makes you work harder.

May is special. My two boys have their birthdays. So looking forward to it.

A bit of a health niggle is that I am nursing a sudden knee sprain so exercise has been thrown out of gear. I am strangely at peace with it because I know I will be right back once I am feeling fine. Till then it is time for some TLC for this knee. Every single movement makes me realize how much we take from granted with our well-oiled bodies. Hopefully, this will be behind soon and I will be back to normal.

So that’s pretty much about April. Let’s see how May pans out? How was April for you all?

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Gratitude April

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27 Thoughts on “Gratitude for Hectic April and a Roundup

  1. wow, Rachna…you seem to be having the time of your life 🙂 Congratulations on your nomination for the most Inspirational blogger. Take care of your knee and enjoy the break from exercise for a while. Advance Happy birthday to your sons. I enjoy reading your posts. Your recipes are easy to copy and make 🙂

  2. Great going on the business front, Rachna! I can imagine the buzz that comes from moving forward on a pet project! May you grow and grow! Congratulations on the nomination!

    Happy birthday to your boys-what fun that you can celebrate during the summer vacation! Any trips planned? 🙂 So nice to hear your son’s reading and enjoying it!

    Take care of that knee <3 and look after yourself.

    Always happy to see your post linking to the Gratitude Circle! May you have a memorable May ahead!

  3. April seems to have been the month that brought your hard work and dreams to fruition. Way to go, Rachna! You deserve all good things , and then some!

    All the best for Cocosmart, I have no doubts that your new business venture will rock. Hope that knee gets better soon and you’re back to exercising.

    Wishing you a Marvellous May!

  4. You have had a brilliant month Rachna. Your new venture excites you and you are passionate about it, and thats a lovely thing. Hope you see more successes with your blog as well as Coco Smart Homes.

  5. Do take good care of your knee. I’m sure you’ll bounce back with more strength and vigor.

    Great going on the business front, Rachna. So proud of you for how hands-on you are on everything. Right from writing, working-out, parenting and now this business, you sure are an inspiration to all the women out there.

    Ramayana and The Mahabharata followed by Harry Potter, quite an intellect you are raising there 🙂

    Wishing the boys a very happy birthday in advance. I’m sure they’ll turn out to be perfect reflections of their wonderful parents. What plans for the birthday? Traveling somewhere?

    I missed your space, Rachna and I feel so nice to be back here. So please excuse the long comment 🙂

    P.S: Love that saree and blouse combination. You’re rocking that look.

    • Thank you, Soumya, for your motivating words. It’s exciting to be doing something new and challenging. Hope it all works out. Yes taking it easy with the knee. Can’t wait to get back to my fitness routine. Frankly I miss it.

      Coco had a great time and Sid hopefully will have as well. His school is starting next week so can’t fit in a travel there. So good to have you back and I love long comments. ? Thanks for the compliment too.

  6. Congrats, Rach, for the nomination! Man, I need your autograph now! 🙂 Really!The only Indian having been nominated for an award means SO MUCH!!!

    Good to know about your success in your work…keep it up.But, do take care of your health. Some extra TLC will be perfect and put you right back on your feet soon!

    Have a superb May!

    You look gorgeous in the saree! <3

    • Yes, yes autograph for you. ? Don’t pull my leg so much now.

      Thanks dearest. I love sarees. Don’t really wear them too often though. Yes taking care of the knee.

  7. Awesome going Rachna na dmany congrats on being nominated in the UK blogger list – that is huge! So so proud of you girl!
    Your April sounds fab – you seem to be making great strides at work and I hope you continually do so – remember this is all your hard work and persistence paying off! So do take some time off and relax too!
    Wish you a glorious May with more sunshine and laughter!

    • Thanks Shalz for your support. Yes, fingers crossed that all the hard work pays off. Relaxing and waiting for the knee to heal. I need a run. ?

  8. Congrats on the nomination as an Inspiring blogger. your April sounds great. I wish you a happy May.

  9. So proud of you and everything you’re doing on the work front, Rachna 🙂 May CocoSmart Homes grow and thrive by leaps and bounds always!

    Congrats on the Blogger Bash nomination. wishing you all the best for the results 🙂

    Yay on the reading front! I remember you mentioning last year that he was taking time to adapt to the reading habit. So happy to see this update.

    Sorry to hear about the knee. Glad to hear you’re resting it and taking good care of it.

    It was delightful to meet you last month. What a fun time we had, right?

    Wishing G and S happy birthdays well in advance and may they be blessed with good health and cheer.

    • Thanks Shailaja for your support always. Yes, it’s quite amazing how voraciously G reads now.

      Yes, the knee is feeling much better already. It’s been over 10 days now. Oh yes, such a fun time we had. I wish we could meet more often. Thanks for the wishes. It’s not G’s birthday this month. It’s Coco’s and Sid’s. ?

  10. Congratulations on your nomination. Wouldn’t it be just a dream if you won it? April seems to have been happily busy for you but so very fruitful too.
    Your younger one really likes to mix up his reading :-). So what is he getting for his birthday? Another book? Wishing the two of them happiest of birthdays.

    • Thanks Tulika. Yep that’s a dream though reaching here feels surreal too. Yes, happily busy.

      It’s not G’s birthday this month. It’s actually Coco’s and Sid’s. ? Thanks for the lovely wishes.

  11. This is awesome, Rachna. It’s so inspiring reading about all that you do.
    And I love what G is reading. It’s really good to see him picking up such epics at such a young age.
    Do take care of your knee and keep inspiring us like you do throughout May 🙂

  12. Wow, Rachna—and here I thought *my* April had been busy! Amazing achievements all around; congratulations! As Vidya said above, may you grow and grow. Nothing fills me with more pride than to see a woman succeed. You show ’em all how it’s done!

    I remember reading the Ramayana and the Mahabharata back in high school… Though I doubt we read them whole; the Iliad and Odyssey took a whole semester, and the Mahabharata is much, much longer than those two combined, so… no, it must have been just a few sections or maybe even an abridged version. But I remember being fascinated by it. I do wish, though, that my literature teacher at that point had dedicated more time to the history and culture behind the story…

    Thanks so much for the visit over at Vidya’s for my guest post—loved your comment ? Happy birthday, a bit belated, to your gorgeous furry boy! And happy birthday in advance to your two human boys!

  13. Congratulations on the nomination Rachna! And on how you’re going with your business 🙂 Sounds like a wonderful month and here’s hoping May is fantastic!

  14. Impressive body of work, Rachna! You look great in that black and white sari. 🙂 I hope your knee is better now. P.S. Love your Lab pics on Instagram!

  15. That’s such great news on the work/business front, Rachna. And enjoy that buzz – it’s a sign of working on/towards something you are passionate about, and that in itself is a great blessing.

    Oh and I have to say I am in awe of your son’s reading choices, I don’t think I even contemplated reading those epics at that age!

    I hope your knee feels better soon, and you have an equally rewarding May. 🙂

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