It’s almost been a month-long break here on Rachna says I have been very sluggish on this blog, and my kids are complaining. I promise to post more here in this year, starting with this post.

looking ahead 2019

I can’t step into the New Year without reflecting on the past year. I do that pretty often, BTW (the reflection bit)! So, well this is not a round-up post but a looking ahead post.

I’ve never done the Word of the Year or Resolutions thing, (not that there is anything wrong with that). So, let me just share what I am going to focus on in the coming weeks and months. And I have already put many of these in motion. I find that starting in late November for whatever you are planning for the next year is a better strategy. This is because, you have already got a few weeks of sustained effort under the belt by the time the new year has come by. That is motivating, isn’t it?

In no order of preference, these are my focus areas this year:

Looking ahead 2019


So my focus this year is getting back to optimum health. The knee injury I had in April 2018 haunted most of the year last year. But with physiotherapy, loads of positive thinking and a new exercise regimen, I am looking forward to getting back to the level of fitness and body toning that I had pre-injury. Along with exercise, I have also started doing a more organized job of meal planning. After all, fitness and nutrition do go hand in hand.

I am also going to work to better other issues like respiratory allergies and headaches. Have charted a more holistic approach towards tackling these chronic issues. And of course, work on mental health by continuing gratitude and positive thinking.


Most of you know that I love cooking. On Rachna cooks I share my food love and wisdom. I bought Healthy Meal Planning Bundle in December. With its amazing recipes, meal plans and specialised courses, I am truly doing so much when it comes to cooking. Let me tell you that you don’t really need to spend hours in your kitchen for a full meal. If you prep and plan in advance, you can be out within 30 minutes. Seriously, I am not joking. But you need to invest in your meal planning in a more methodical manner You can click here to understand more about this Bundle. It has been helping me a lot.


I had not been reading much for most months in 2018 but this changed in the last quarter. I went out and bought more books and received a few as gifts. And I managed to read 4 books in the last two months. I am planning to continue reading regularly, maybe restart my library membership once I have exhausted these books. Reading gives me immense joy, and I realized that I need to read regularly for a more calm state of mind.


Parenting promises to be even more challenging as the younger son steps into teenage this year. The older boy also has a lot on his plate with classes and planning for undergraduate life. So, I see myself being around more often to motivate them and be there for them. Also a visit to the good old therapist never hurts. I tell all my friends, reach out to your therapist a few times in a year. The best way to vent and seek solutions when you feel stuck. And trust me parenting throws challenges at you like nothing else.


I know this sounds rather abstract but one lesson that the last year taught me is that no matter how tough the going gets; we can still strive to be happy. Often all it needs is a little tweak in perspective. I have seen that work for me. At the end of the day, all the worries about what may happen just eat up your time and energy. Rather spend that effort into tackling what life throws at you. The most important things in life are your close family and friends. If they are by your side, you can live through pretty much anything. So I will continue to be responsible for my own happiness. Validation is good, but self validation is the best kind!


I am very grateful for my work as an Editor of a corporate blog and other regular writing assignments that I take up with clients. I will continue to blog, but I do wish to cut down on sponsored campaigns. I want to rediscover the joy of blogging for the sake of writing. So while stats and reader love are great, I am not going to obsess over them. I am not going to over organise my life, stressing myself to death over blog schedules and page views. Thank God, blogging is not my career, just something that lets me make money while I do what I like to do.

Social Media

I see myself cutting down further on FB. Apart from certain groups, I genuinely find FB boring now. I like Instagram these days, such a fuss-free medium, and twitter to a small extent. Pinterest is mostly from blog point of view so that will continue. It has emerged as the single biggest traffic medium after SEO for me. I will continue to read blogs that interest me. More human tales and musings for sure. Time is finite, and all of us wish to utilise it better.


I continue to love the series I watch on online platforms. I wish to keep that under control as I balance that time with reading.

On that note, I wish all of you a wonderful new year. Let us all invest in ourselves and our dreams and aspirations. Tell me what you are focusing on this year?

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14 Thoughts on “Looking Ahead in 2019

  1. That’s a pretty well-rounded list. I do hope you can get your fitness back on track. I’ve been toying with the idea of joining a gym again.
    I love that you’re focussing on happiness. Honestly speaking that’s my single focus area this year. I’m tired of being stressed and panicked all the time. 2018 wasn’t really great. But like you said sometimes all one needs to do is to tweak ones perspective.
    Oh and a visit to the therapist might not be too bad an idea with both mine set to enter their teens. Whew! 2019 sure promises to be eventful.
    Wishing you all the very best for a happy and peaceful year ahead.

    • I hope so too, Tulika. Fingers crossed. I have a gym here in the layout where I stay. I only go there for heavier weight training. Rest I workout at home. Yes a visit to the therapist does help. Wish you a very Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year Rachna. You have given great pointers, right from cutting on Fb that can drain energy and I plan to join Instagram too. Agree that blog stats are overrated and planning early, in November makes so much sense. I am planning to see a therapist for at some point or the other, we need to take care of our mental health.

  3. What I love the most about you is how realistic you are! I’m pretty much the same and it makes me feel so good to see others like you as well 🙂

    Wishing you the best of everything in 2019, Rachna! Lets try to meet more often too this year.

  4. The selection of areas to focus in 2019 is excellent
    and covers a wide range. Having been a follower
    of your blog for years, i know you will do adequate
    Happy new year toyou

  5. Happy New Year 2019.
    Best wishes.

  6. Happy New Year, Rachna!

    As usual, I love how realistic your attitude towards the new year is.

    And by the way, I have found Facebook to be getting more & more boring lately. I’ve already unliked pages that I now wonder why I liked before. It’s a quick sand. I need to figure out Twitter too.

    Good luck!

  7. Iliana on January 3, 2019 at 8:05 pm said:

    Who needs a New Year Resolution when you have a comprehensive list of things to focus on, which by definition is … a resolution 🙂
    I smile, because as a true Virgo I did a similar inventory of 2018, yet somehow I didn’t project action into 2019. Somehow, I don’t want to plan, I want to just live the way it comes natural to me.
    I wish you success in 2019, success in bettering on all topics you chose for yourself!

  8. Happy New Year Rachna. Those sound like achievable and realistic areas to focus on for the new year. I hope your health improves and you are able to achieve all that you set out to. I’m with you on preferring Instagram over FB.

  9. We could all benefit from this list you made, Rachna. You’ve covered it all!

    I have seen your struggle with your knee last year and i hope 2018 saw the end of it.

    I have found facebook boring for a long time now, and yes Insta gets my vote too.

    I love your food posts and your food photography gets better with each picture.

    Here’s wishing you a fun, fit and fabulous 2019!

  10. That’s just what I wish to focus on, myself…my health, peace of mind, reading more, friendships/relationships and looking for happiness in all the little things we tend to ignore.

    Wish you the very best for the new year, Rachna! With all the brilliant planning that you have done, I am sure you will able to realise your goals and have a bright and happy new year!

  11. All great focuses to have Rachna, equally important. I hope 2019 bring you much success in fulfilling your goals.

  12. Certainly been a challenging 2018 with the knee injury , primarily!

    I loved being able to meet with you last year and am hoping we can do it more often in 2019. I am mildly dreading this year as Gy turns 13 too. Not looking forward to it 😉

    Wishing you a wonderful year ahead with all things great for your health, happiness, reading and blogging goals. I know that you will meet them all. So true about the self validation being the best kind of validation. I am also following your Goodreads challenge to see what books you’re reading.

    *We still have that book exchange date pending 😉 Let’s plan for it ASAP!

  13. I, much like you, don’t choose a WOTY, but focus areas, so I can completely relate with this post. And this seems like a very well thought of, well rounded list.

    I know you will excel in your chosen focus areas. And I wish you a very happy, healthy new year 2019, that brings you a lot of joy, and fond memories.

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