I am continuing the 3 Day Quote Challenge by posting my second favorite quote in the series. Yes, I know, I am not posting daily. But, I guess better late than never.


The quote above is from the book P.S. I love you. I haven’t read the book but loved the movie. It was replete with some lovely quotes on love and life. This one is my favorite among many others. This is so true for life. 

We all hope nay expect to only have beautiful moments in our lives. No one wishes for adversity. But then, what do we do when everything seems perfect? Do we begin taking it for granted or even feeling smug that we deserve it? Do we stop working at making them stay perfect? I don’t know. I have been guilty of taking a few things and people for granted in my own life. 

These days, though I practice gratitude more regularly. I thank the lucky stars for all that is lovely in my life. And, I try to accept the adversities with as much grace as possible. One thing is for certain every down makes me appreciate the routine, mundane beautiful moments with more intensity and maturity.

So, do you relate with this quote?

Speaking of this movie, there is another quote that I absolutely loved  from the same P.S I love you. I completely agree to this speaking from my own experience. 

“You don’t marry someone you can live with, you marry the person you cannot live without”


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42 Thoughts on “Love, life, adversity

  1. I thing adversity or bad days are equally important in keeping us sane. They teach us a lot about life.
    We all remain on cloud 9 during happy times. Adversity gives us inspiration to cherish all the happiness surrounding us.
    Wishing happiness to all

  2. Such a lovely film that was. Come to think of it, i haven’t read the book either. This quote makes so much sense. Though I’m not sure I would complain if perfect was normal for me :-). Not that I’ll ever know!!

    • I am sure, no one would complain if life were perfect. 🙂 But it just equips us better to handle the downs if we know that they are transitory and a part of life. Thanks for reading.

  3. I liked this movie too. And the first quote you pick is indeed perfect 🙂 At least in the way it compels us to examine the meaning of ‘normal’, ‘perfect’, ‘happy’ etc. It is only when things aren’t going so well for us (‘well’, according to our preference and view of point, of course!) that we begin to value even more those little things in life which we had till now taken for granted. We become more thankful for those little moments of happiness and joy after we have been through some difficult and stressful times. Maybe that is one of the purpose these down-phases in life serve for us – to help us grow in our humility, gratitude, equanimity, surrender.

    I have yet to start my Quote posts, hopefully soon 🙂

    • You have analyzed the quote so well, Beloo. Indeed, the adversities help us to introspect, grow and mature if we have the temperament for it. Else, we can just rant and crib. 🙂

      Hope you begin soon. Look forward to your posts. 🙂

  4. Well yes, the quote stands true. Yet we do wish life had more perfect moments than imperfect ones dont we? 😛 nevertheless, adversity is really truly necessary. Its like you really have to taste a good long thirst to really appreciate a cool glass of water.

    • Its like you really have to taste a good long thirst to really appreciate a cool glass of water.
      So nicely articulated!

      Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Lata Sunil on July 6, 2015 at 3:28 pm said:

    Rachna, I surely believe in the quote which is so much grounded in reality. But I have seen an extreme case where this person is always looking only for perfect moments and finds herself depressed due to not getting the perfect happiness. And no matter what we argued, debated with this person, she would not be reasonable at all. If only she understood this small wisdom.

    Thanks for this quote.

  6. Lovely quote Rachna. Yes nobody’s life is just perfect, yet with a near-perfect attitude, one can learn to deal better with the imperfections of life.

  7. There is a saying in Tamil which, loosely translated, says, “You realize the value of shade only when there is a hot sun”. Which says about the same thing. There would be no special feel to joy, if there never were to be sorrow.

  8. Great quote, Rachna. (y) Perfectness is day & night together. It’s the harmony between opposites. In fact, seeming opposites are not opposite at all. Duality isn’t reality. It’s our limitation of mind.

  9. I love those imperfect moments, maybe I have learnt to realise that perfect moments are not far 🙂 The things we took granted for, the people we ignored – probably downtime is when life starts teaching lessons. Both the quotes are beautiful 🙂

  10. I love this movie and so does V. It’s so elegant, eloquent and wonderful without trying too hard and THAT’s the best part about it. I love both quotes and I adore the characters too. That heartbreak that she must feel, you can sense it deep within you, right? It’s so true that we tend to take things for granted, Rachna. Lovely quote to read this evening. Thank you!

  11. So true, misery adds meaning to happiness. Without one, we can never find the importance of another.

  12. Loved both those quotes and so true..Good choice..

  13. Actually True!
    Awesome quote.

  14. It’s true though often we don’t realize it…It’s the downs that make the ups in our lives so special… I guess another way of saying this is ‘Sweet are the uses of adversity’.. I think it’s about balance and also the fact that we realize the worth of what we have…be grateful and thankful…I try to be mindful but more often than not it’s hard to do so..

  15. Yes Rachna we take our good luck for granted.When the tide turns it is a sudden shock.
    But little things,normal routine can also add up to a lot of happiness.

  16. This movie and book both are brilliant. I guess we just have to appreciate what we have, do our best and know that things will eventually change. I think that most of the times while chasing after perfection we miss the little moments that make life perfect. So we should just live in the moment, and be thankful for every moment that we live.

    • I think that most of the times while chasing after perfection we miss the little moments that make life perfect. So we should just live in the moment, and be thankful for every moment that we live.
      This is so well said, Jaibala. I agree totally.

  17. Someone said “Opposite values are complimentary”. If you never knew night, how will you appreciate day. Completely agree that it is the tough times which teach us to be thankful for all the blessings that we have in our life. Haven’t seen the movie but plan to do so.. 🙂

  18. Simply love this quote and can so relate to it too. Without the downs of life, the ups would mean nothing!

  19. I do that a lot too, these days. Being grateful for what all I have. Yes, very true. Nobody’s life is perfect nor have perfect little moments. the 2nd quote, doesn’t work for many. Most of us marry someone who we can live with for you never know how long you need to wait to get the person you cannot live without.

    • I appreciate your absolute honesty and rationality in your comment about the second quote. I agree that we would ideally get hitched to a partner who we can live with. But, it would be wonderful to find a mate who you could not live without. 🙂

  20. Totally agree with you… very well said!!

  21. An amazing book and you must read it, reaffirms the faith in love and triumph of belief. Love this quote, “You don’t marry someone you can live with, you marry the person you cannot live without”

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