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Like many mothers, although I seem to be constantly on the move looking after my kids and chasing my dogs, I still have phases when exercise takes a backseat as I rush about life. We all need some time to just sit and rest during the day, I know I do after I spent a couple of hours every morning rushing about, but over time the waistline can begin to protest, and when that happens it’s time to take some action.

Here are a few ways you can get your fitness and stamina back:

Pair up with an exercise buddy

Many of my friends are in a similar position, so pairing up with a fitness buddy would be good way to kick-start a new exercise regime. Supporting each other through those times when you do not want to do it and having fun together at the same time can help to keep one going. My exercise buddy is my husband, and we have been exercising together since more than a decade now pulling each other up and keeping us going.

Join your local gym

If you have a local gym or community centre this can also be a good way to get yourself back on track, even if it is just to make sure you get the most from the monthly fee! If you live in a community like mine with a free gym, use it.

Find a sport you like

If you are into team sports, then perhaps there is a local team you can join, which will also keep you motivated. If you do not like the idea of exercising in public and prefer to do your exercising at home, you could get an exercise DVD or a set of small weights to keep yourself toned in private. And, if you have kids, give them company. I play Table Tennis with mine. Variation in your exercise regimen is a good way to sustain the activity.

Make time to exercise every day

The key is to get into a routine, so it becomes a habit and a regular part of your day. You can work this so that it will fit around your family life. Before you jump in with the lack of time, let me tell you that I have been working out through two babies, my own work and housekeeping responsibilities.

Where there is a will, there is a way! Always!

Involve the whole family!

cyclingExercising with the family can be fun too though. One good way to enjoy exercising together is by cycling. When the weather is cool and fresh enough it can be very pleasant to take it easy and enjoy the sights on the way. If you are not sure you’re fit enough to keep up with your kids you could always invest in an electric bike, there are lots of reasonable ones available at retailers like Tesco. That way you can be sure that you will never fall too far behind!  

With just a few small changes, you’ll find that exercise will become an integral part of your life. Work your way back to fitness.

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33 Thoughts on “Time for moms to get their fitness back on track

  1. Lata Sunil on July 3, 2015 at 10:03 am said:

    Rachna, totally agree with you there. I am making all efforts to sustain my routine of walking. But sometimes it is just not possible to do it. But of course, that is not an excuse. Thanks for the post.

    • Yes, I know. Life sometimes makes it impossible. But do get back to it as soon as you can. Don’t be overtly harsh on yourself if you miss sometimes. Just make sure you keep going back till regularity is established.

  2. Our apartment has a free gym D but I haven’t visited it even once …But I guess I have to soon
    Keeping fit, making the effort to be fit are really necessary especially when we are always rushing from one task to the other

  3. Yes, yes,yes. Agree completely. One must make it part of the routine. One must work out with a buddy. Gym is not my style but badminton and swimming are. Must restart my routine. Been too long. Thanks Rachna 🙂

  4. True that. One needs to make it a fun activity to make exercising a discipline rather than a chore. I’m yet to get into that groove. Procrastination at its peak! Let me get inspired by your post though and start all over again 😉

  5. Good tips, Rachna. Without physical fitness, there’s no peace of mind. 🙂

  6. When the kids came along I stayed home for almost two years and developed high cholesterol. Then I was back to the gym and got rid of it without medication. I’m pretty proud of that. I enjoy going to the gym and completely love zumba. You’re right about having a buddy which is why any kind of group exercise is great fun.

    • Wow. so proud of you! I have noticed that lot of our health issues including inflexibility and joint pain vanish when we begin exercising.

  7. I was nodding my head along with every point you made here Rachna, absolutely spot on. In the last few years, I have realized that it is so important to stay fit. A routine is the best way to make exercise a regular part of the day, else it is easy to keep prioritizing other stuff.

  8. Making time to exercise every day is important. After fooling myself for a long time, I have started walking daily. Yes, an exercise buddy provides the push that you sometimes need. I had one, but her silly behenji talks drove me nuts. So, I am back to solo walks on treadmill at home.

  9. Nice tips 🙂 Pairing up with a buddy though once created a problem for me…..time management… but usually it works…

    • Yes, one needs to get a buddy who is pretty much in sync with our timings and thoughts. I guess that is why I could not do it with a friend.

  10. One thing we can never compromise on is fitness because the benefits are limitless, the greatest being health! I know lots of women think being active around the house is enough – but it isn’t. Buddying up is the best way to stay motivated! Loved the post Rachna!

    • Thanks so much, Vids. Exactly! Moms especially just tend to take it easy putting their needs behind everywhere else. Like you pointed out being active is not enough. One has to actively invest in one’s health.

  11. I love how women these days are becoming health conscious. One of the reasons I feel they lag behind is they don’t get enough encouragement… being in a group works lot on the motivation part. Or if they have a circle of friends with similar health goals, would keep them strong and going.

    • Yes, I love it too. Both lack of encouragement and lack of investment in their own selves is an issue. I agree, working out with buddies is crucial in staying committed and regular.

  12. Exercise is as important as brushing our teeth and/or bathing. Schools tried with P.T. period, parents pushed us in the park… but we never made sure that it was a part of our routine. I can’t remember when I had creamy, greasy food and didn’t feel guilty!! Only if exercise was our top priority!

    • So true, Nisha. It is quite amazing to watch children. Every movement of theirs, the scamper, the merry walk is a way of the body to work out. But look at how some people walk, dragging their feet, handing onto a seating space, even standing seems like an effort. It is terrible. Like you said, it must be made a part of our lives just like brushing our teeth and then it does not seem like a monster that it seems to so many people.

  13. Hmm… I’ve been trying to get a few minutes of workout done everyday and trying to make it a part of my daily routine once again. But then the results seem to be way too slow so it’s not motivating enough. 😀

    Thank you for the inspiration, Rachna. 🙂

    • But, don’t look at exercise as a quick-fix weight loss tool. Think of it as something that you are doing to keep your joints well-oiled, your bones stronger, your muscles fit and your body in good condition. Weight loss will happen if you follow a sensible diet and get adequate sleep. But don’t link exercise to weight goals. Get regular with it. Do it even if you are the right body weight.

  14. I know, girl. That’s why I don’t like you for writing this post making me feel so guilty. On a serious note, motivation is such a big factor. Having company helps a lot for that. I don’t know when I will move my lazy ass and start working out or at least walking outside. As mom, so is the son. I am walking on weekend mornings as I am an early riser and the world still sleeps 🙂

    • And here I thought that my post would make you motivated not guilty. 🙂 Begin with something small and slowly build up. We all have our phases of non-activity.

  15. This is really required and we all definitely need to take out the time and stop hiding behind one excuse or the other. Unfortunately, the resolve weakens soon if some other person is also not exercising with you 🙂 Even I exercise with my husband.. of course there are days when we both feel lazy.

  16. Alison on August 5, 2015 at 3:07 pm said:

    A family cycling together is absolutely a pretty sight!! Great post Rachna. I thought this post is solely for moms. I realized it’s all about the family working for fitness altogether. Thumbs up for this information. 😉

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