Yesterday, I watched Marley and me at home. It is a movie about this dog, Marley, which is a weird dog. It is hardly like any other dog. It refuses to get trained and the story goes about how he comes home to this couple, Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. The movie is the dog’s life with this family as the family progresses from being a married couple to a family of 3 kids, their trials and tribulations and journey through life. The first half of the film is filled with very funny incidents with the puppy to dog Marley, really hilarious ones. The second half is more sentimental with it getting old and dying. There is so much in the movie, I can personally relate to. The reporter wife giving up her job to look after the kids. The tough times the couple faces as they struggle to bring up their kids without any support and how this crazy dog doing very undoglike things envelops them with his love.

I owned a dog named Brando, a Yorkshire terrier, who was so adorable and cute but a maniac, nonetheless. He was hyperactive, did not listen to any of our commands and was destructive and even bit us all a lot but we loved him like insane. He passed away in 2005. He was the only dog, my father allowed us to keep so I guess my siblings and I spoiled him rotten, he was almost like a baby to us. It is difficult to understand this relationship we share with dogs. Only a person who has owned a dog can understand this. That way I could really relate with Marley.
In the end, when John talks about his dog and says that a dog is the only one who loves you irrespective of whether you are smart or dumb, ugly or beautiful, rich or poor, you realize that he is so right !!
The movie is based on the book by the same name. I have not read the book but I would like to read it. The movie works well for me. I loved it and it stayed with me after it got over. Very hilarious and bitter sweet. Both the lead actors and the kids have done a great job. But, the hero is Marley, the dog….

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