Today, Siddharth went for his first annual exam. He is always so confident and more or less studies on his own which is a very good thing. Yesterday, when I asked him to begin revising, he realized that he had left his English Grammar book in school. I was so mad at him. Luckily, I called up his classmate’s mother who had by then finished revising her son’s work so she kindly lent her book to me. This way, Siddharth prepared for his Grammar portion.

One thing about him is that he seems to be a dreamer. He takes oh so long to do everything and his standard reply is mum, I am thinking. He also has a funny way of appending momma at the end of every sentence which he speaks in a lyrical way and which almost sounds like an afterthought :). He is also the worst catcher of the ball possible. He wants to learn playing cricket but he cannot judge or anticipate any catches or throws. What a woe !! He ends up driving Gurdev up the wall seeing his skills with the ball. And, btw he had also left his pencilbox back at school so I had to prepare another one for him.
Kids and their stories. One can fill a book with them. Gautam has all of a sudden started peeing on the bed, today was third time in a row.
How in heaven am I going to get both of them ready for school at the same time from June onwards? I have no clue.

3 Thoughts on “Siddharth begins his exams

  1. You are right Rachna:) We can actually write a book on the child’s behaviour and our experiences with them. It is great fun and sometimes headache too. But they are really cute. Ajay once forgotten his school bag at home and very innocently commented ‘Oh…I thought you have already kept it in the car’ You can well imagine how frustrating it would have been when school bell rung and there is no bag in the car. Today I can laugh on this but can never forget this incident 🙂

  2. How do you teach catching to a kid who catches a ball with his whole body? Sometimes he looks like he’s swatting a mosquito.

  3. Manika – I agree that on hindsight the incidents may seem funny but when they happen, they leave you a nervous wreck.

    Gurdev – Maybe, he is not meant to catch very well or he needs more patience on the part of the trainer 🙂

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