I began my day with a headache after a night of broken sleep. Sid being sick disturbs my sleep just when I am slipping into some sort of deep sleep. My daily morning walk is disrupted since the past one week and makes me feel fidgety during the day. The weather is cool and depressing with mosquitoes attacking at night and power outages interrupting my sleep. My sleep is very important for me and I feel something is missing if I don’t get good sleep.

Hope that Sid does not have typhoid and gets well soon. All this high fever thing is so draining….

Just idling now. Will write more later….

50 Thoughts on “My first blog :)

  1. This is big! How did this happen? Didn’t see it coming.
    I am talking about the blog. Are we getting internet savvy or what!

  2. Isn’t it fun reading old posts and seeing how we and our blogs have grown?

  3. ha! Nice to read your first post and the first comment!

  4. 🙂 Good that you are past that phase of sleepless nights..and it’s always memorable to look back upon what you wrote first..:)

  5. It was indeed fun to read the old post.. 🙂 How a blog grows…

  6. Ah! When kids are sick, it is all the more difficult. And you are very disciplined. No wonder you have maintained your blog for so long. I doubt I have the determination to keep my blog alive. Kudos to you for that. With work, 2 kids, it is a remarkable achievement.

  7. It’s nice to read through the first blog posts….When you read yours, there’s so much of nostalgic moments rush through isn’t it?

  8. Wow!!! You have come a long way Rachna. Thanks for connecting. May your journey of blogging be pleasant one for you always!

  9. 4 years of starting and maintaining a blog. Quite an achievement indeed! Read your post on Childhood and landed here! Brilliant work!

  10. hey, i actually wanted to read this long back!! so this was your first post. it’s really a sweet post.

    • It is amazing to look back and see where you began :). I can still remember the day and how excited I felt to write the first post. And, then hubby posts the first comment. It was an awesome feeling :).

  11. 5 years later! So cute to look back and smile 🙂 But I am sure back then it was such a brave step to put your thoughts and feelings out in the open vast internet! Kudos!

    • To look back is always fun :). And naive that I was, I really felt that I was protected that since I had shared the link with only a handful, no one else will venture here :). Thanks Iliana.

  12. Hi Rachna. Congratulations on being nominated for the blogadda awards. I always have this inquisitiveness to read the initial blogs of a blogger to see how the journey began. And reading them is always a great feeling and gives a sense of assurance that keep writing and it will evolve into something good someday. It was absolutely delightful the bright future of this old blog post. Congratulations once again and may you achieve greater heights in the writer’s arena.

    • Thanks so much, Upma, for reaching out and reading! Thanks for your wishes as well. Yep, reading the first post or the first few posts makes one nostalgic and also see how far the blog has progressed. Thanks for your wishes too.

  13. What a distance you have covered Rachna! Small steps, big journey!

    • Indeed! I wanted to write a diary when I began :). Somehow my blog acquired a mind of her own and pushed me in all kinds of directions. Good to have you here.

  14. And you have written consistently since 2008, awesome 🙂 I did start in 2006 but didn’t take it seriously till last year… have a long way to go but am glad to have folks like you around to look up to on this journey 🙂

  15. Your blog has grown so much and so well over the years. I can see glimpses of the concerned Mom in this post. Congratulations on your first.

  16. Quite an unconventional first post!!! It’s so interesting to see where you started from 🙂

  17. You started in 2008…I did’nt even know words then 😛

    I love what you write, even this small little piece shows so much promise 🙂

  18. Rachna, even with the first post, you said it as it is. Never minced words. Short, but to the point and crisp. I’d definitely come back the next day to figure if you slept, managed to walk, and if Sid was OK. Nicely done.

  19. Sleep is very important to me too. I can so relate to your plight here. And now in all these years what a variety of posts you have written, Rachna! 🙂

  20. My afternoon nap is very important to me…else, I will be cribby – crabby the rest of the day. It must have been a tough time with Sid unwell. You have matured as a writer and the awards are the proof of that.

  21. Short and simple, and yet so admirable. There is always an underlying honesty in your posts that I love.

  22. Hey Rachna,

    A very mommy post it was. When kids are small and sick this is how we think .
    I liked it when you said that diary writing course changed as your blog had a mind of its own .
    happened with me too. I am still trying to figure out what my blog wants to be.
    I am on the way to read your recent posts.

  23. I love my sleep too Rachna !! I feel like a zombie if I don’t sleep…it has been an incredible journey isn’t it? Keep blogging!

  24. Love to see how blogs start off, and especially the very popular ones. I function like a zombie too without my quota of sleep.

  25. And, the beginning of an era!! 🙂

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