As I open my large window to let some fresh air in, I notice the tall Christmas tree (fir) in the small patch of lawn in front of the house. This tree has grown so tall, it almost dwarfs everything in its vicinity. I often wonder why I planted this tree when we moved in this home. I mean I could have easily chosen a fruit tree or even a vegetable tree. But in those days I didn’t really think much. It was a few years later that we planted an avocado tree from a sapling that we had grown from a seed. We didn’t have a clue whether this tree would fruit at all. We knew no one who had actually grown this tree. But this tree grew against all odds and fruited after 8 years just when we had given up all hope of it. 🙂

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My avocado tree

You know I was never a person with a green thumb or was anyone in our family for that matter. Since my dad was in a transferable job, we mostly lived in apartments across cities with hardly any greenery except for a few stray pots. But having moved here and seeing my husband grow veggies got me interested. The journey has been so fulfilling though I slacken regularly. I still make my homemade compost from kitchen waste regularly as well as garbage enzyme.

Mango sapling

Some plants that are growing in my lawn – there is a tiny sapling of curry leaves. I had a plant earlier that died and I am trying to grow another plant. Having fresh curry leaves at home is very handy. Then there is this sapling of a mango plant that my mother-in-law brought for me from Hyderabad. There is a pot of tulsi too. This is a tough plant to maintain. It dies very easily. And here are these beautiful marigolds. Finally after so many tries, I have been able to grow them. Once they grow, they propagate very easily on their own. I love marigold. They bring a special kind of joy to me. A lot of them end up in my small temple at home.

Marigolds outside my window

Then I have a rooftop garden where I grow veggies. I keep sharing those pictures regularly. So, in the last 15 years I have changed into this person who is more conscious of her environment. Slowly and steadily, I have adopted green measures to the extent I can. Being with nature gives you a certain patience and nurturing spirit. Nature also teaches one to be selfless, to give without expecting anything in return.

You can’t help but feel elated among the greenery. You feel as if your plants wait for you daily. That they smile at you when you water them or enrich them with compost. Isn’t it gratifying? So everytime, I look out of my window, I see the wonderful plants. They instantly cheer me up.

Tell me do you enjoy gardening?

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20 Thoughts on “Outside My Window – Nature Reigns #WordsMatter

  1. I enjoy the fruits of gardening, the background work that goes into making it happen, not so much! You have done great with your green patch Rachna! Also commendable how you make compost and garbage enzyme. A garden is a rather fulfilling hobby and a beautiful one too!

  2. I loved the view from your window, Rachna. I don’t have a green thumb at all. Growing up in Shillong, I was surrounded by greens. My parents maintained their small front garden and it looked beautiful. They still have a roof top garden now which they tend to very passionately. But I think I don’t have that passion in me and also living in an apartment doesn’t give many options. But I would have loved to have a small garden of my own.

  3. That avocado tree is magnificient. I’ve not heard of anyone else growing one, other than you. I enjoy your green posts and insta stories.
    My parents, specially my father, was an avid gardener. Now he doesn’t do much himself but our garden back home is still flourishing. In fact my story is the reverse of yours. I stayed in the same home all my life till i stepped out for work and since then it has been one apartment to the next. The longest we stayed was 10 years in our last house. I don’t have a green thumb but I’ve always had plants without actually thinking about it. Sometimes I’ve been able to find a gardener to come by weekly, but mostly the greens I have are pretty sturdy and survive on water and a little care. Maybe I’ll get adventurous one day and start composting.

  4. As much as I love nature, I must confess I’m not great at gardening. Somehow, some plants manage to survive in my backyard but it’s really nothing I’m doing! Love your view!

  5. Gardening is not one of my strengths. It’s something I would love to try but wouldn’t know where to start – perhaps someday. Love your marigolds. They look so lovely.

  6. I love the pics of your garden that you keep posting Rachna. Never would have guessed that you dont have a green thumb. Actually after growing a avocado plant from a seed and getting it to fruit- you shouldnt ever say it again!!

    I hope you find more joys in your green patch and may that Avocado tree prosper to truckloads of yield 🙂

  7. So true! Living close to nature makes me feel whole and happy. Well, we all feel little lazy at times but looking at those tiny little leaves get you back on feet. Loved ready this post ?

  8. I am no good at gardening but my parents are great… from brinjals, various varieties of mangoes and bananas to bilimbis … all this in addition to dozens of flowers.

  9. I do not have a green thumb at all, but I do aspire to have a vegetable/terrace garden. We will be moving to a new space soon so I am hoping to learn and grow a bit of green world around me.

  10. Oh how I wish, I actually have a home where I could have a permanent garden. Would fill it with flowering shrubs and a fruit tree or two. But with the transferable job and constant shifting of homes, this dream probably would turn into reality only when we retire. SIgh!

  11. Your gardening pics are so soothing and inspirational, Rachna. Those Marigolds look so pretty and we all love your Avocado Tree. I used to garden in another lifetime, along with my Mom. Been a while since I got my hands dirty:)

  12. What a great view and how rewarding the experience of watching trees grow and thrive must be, Rachna. Having just moved house, we’ve started to focus on gardening again. This summer wasn’t kind to the plants we had, so we’re starting over.

  13. This looks like such a beautiful place to live in! The green is so good 🙂

    I’m yet to start gardening at home. As much as I love plants and greenery, I want some plants that don’t require too much of an effort to maintain. I have too much on my plate already.

  14. I love having gardens at home. The sad part is, we can never have a permanent one for we move every 2-3 years. But it is always nice to leave some beautiful plants and trees for the next occupant, I believe. Thanks for participating in the bloghop. Hope you had fun!

  15. I love gardening but I have space crunch and so I can only grow few plants. I agree growing marigold is tough. I tried so many times but failed. I also grow pudina, and curry leaves. Coriander gives me tough time. How do you make enzymes at home?

  16. The view from your window is so green! And I love that avocado tree!!

  17. Rachna, your garden looks so vibrant. No I am not into gardening but shall takeup in sometime.

  18. I love nature but am not a gardening person. Every time I try bringing greens in potted plants they rarely survive. Tulsi being the toughest to nurture.
    But I love your green your window views.

  19. I have always enjoyed reading about your veggies and now this one of the pants you have. I would not say I have a green thumb but a green nail for sure. If I have a bigger plane, I’d love to grow some veggies too. I know that avocado tree. 🙂 you are so amazing Rachna with the many things you too.

  20. It is always so inspiring to see someone care for their plants and nurture them with love, effort and patience. And, to listen about your garden tales and see the fruits of all the effort that has gone is in itself such a joyful, happy treat. Absolutely love your gardening adventures Rachna – such an exciting passion and so much to learn and discover, hopefully I’ll also grow some of my own veggies someday.

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