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This is a long due post on Coco. He is more than 3 years old now and despite all his quirks, the little fellow (he is not that little anymore) brings us immense joy. You give him anything to nibble on like a piece of vegetable or a fruit and he rushes to his favorite mat to eat. He loves to sit on that mat so in effect it is a plate cum bed for him. Imagine if we were to do that. How hilarious would that be!


He is the best reason to look forward to getting home. He gives you the hero’s welcome who is back after shooting down the enemy at the border every single time no matter how short the duration of your absence is. He will show you his happiness in every manner possible. He does a delightful dance which is a cross between a prancing deer and tribal dance. All you need to do is to stand rooted in one spot till he finishes his merry dance. And yes, he will have a go at trying to lick you. The boy is really tall when he stands on his hind legs.


Yes, he is fluent in Hindi (understanding that is). He still speaks dog but in such a wonderful manner that you can actually comprehend his conversation that comprises of a number of different sounds. He also has the funny habit of interjecting noises when you are having a conversation. So, for example, the husband and I are having a conversation. Just when I ask for an opinion on a serious matter, this guy grunts suggesting, “ho hum!” That never fails to make us smile.

The gentle guy rarely barks. But, let a stray dog come anywhere near his territory (read house) and his deep-throated roar would give the lion a complex. Once I dropped a container when he barked. I could not quite figure out that it was Coco barking. More than stray dogs, he hates cats. We have many stray cats in our community (Yes, it is a zoo and not only because of the animals). And it was amusing to see Coco all angry and fidgety when he sees any.


Coco’s only aim in life is to eat. He can eat anything you give him: fruits, vegetables, rice, ragi, rotis, meat and whatever else you can think of. We don’t give him anything sweet. His plate is always clean after his meal. And he will be anxiously hanging around outside the kitchen when he feels it is his meal time. Yes, I have a rule that he is not allowed in the kitchen. He, of course, sneaks in when we are not around. And if you are not paying him attention then his orchestra starts with different forms of huffs, woofs and grunts thrown your way along with a very worried expression complete with frown and worry lines. Boy, this guy can emotionally blackmail.

For some strange reason, he does not like staying upstairs. So, when he is told to go upstairs (like a timeout), he makes a show of climbing the steps and then stealthily comes down and goes and hides inside the room.

And this guy is really scared of dad. He is the disciplinarian and the person he listens to without a murmur. The funny thing is that I know when G has reached home even before I can hear the car because Coco comes bounding down the stairs and waits expectantly at the door. In the same vein, as soon as he can sense dad coming downstairs, he moves away from his mat and disperses. It is so much fun seeing all this. And when dad is away from home, he is seen in his element. He becomes the protector, watchful for any strangers. It is amazing to see this transformation in him.

When we brought Coco home, it was an online advertisement that helped us. These days you can easily post free ads and just about buy and sell anything that you want. Our search had taken us to a breeder who had a Labrador pup just like we wanted. The rest is history!

So this is just another day with Coco in the Parmar household. This fun chap is the center of our Universe. It indeed was a beautiful day when he came home. And I’ve realized that no matter how much the hard work, having a pet is a great stress buster and your lifelong supply of selfless love. Pets are God’s gift to humans.

36 Thoughts on “Pets and their quirks

  1. A pity that every animal gives me the cold shoulder. Wanted neither by man or beast 🙂

  2. Coco is so adorable. You are blessed to have him in your family, and of course life as well 🙂 Love live Coco. Once we move apartments, I’m definitely getting a dog 🙂

    • He is everything you say he is. I truly feel blessed to have him in my life. And I know for a fact that no one can love you like your pet dog. I can see how your family would provide a perfect, loving home to a dog. You really must get one, and Rishi will have a ball :).

  3. So adorable he is… I wish I wasn’t so scared of dogs!

  4. You are right. Dogs are gifts to humans 🙂 and they act as such a destresser right?
    Really appreciated the part where you do not allow him in the Kitchen, My cousin does and we tend to find her pug’s hair all around the food.

    Btw loved the reference to the Zoo and not just the animals residing in it , we have a similar problem here as well 😉

    Bless Coco, he is a beautiful fell, big hug to him.

    • Absolutely, all of those are true, Seeta :). Not only the kitchen, he is not allowed on beds and sofas. And my bedroom is off limits too. He does shed a lot of hair and I don’t really like hair in my bed and my kitchen. Yuck, finding dog hair in food. I wouldn’t eat it :).

      I couldn’t resist that dig. Glad you enjoyed it ;-).

      He is a beautiful fellow. Sure, he loves hugs!

  5. That was an adorable post Rachna. I am a big dog lover / animal love and so is everybody in my house. The only reason we dont have a pet till now is we stay at an apartment 🙁 and we feel its rather bad for a dog or cat to be cooped up in an apartment all the time or to leave it alone in the house.

    • Thanks a lot, Ash. I could write posts on Coco everyday. There are so many funny anecdotes about him. I agree with you; it is not fair on the dog both the things you pointed out. Luckily we have a duplex so adequate space for him. And I work from home so he always has company :-). We hate leaving him at the boarder’s for vacations though :(. He is also such a good influence on the kids.

  6. Very interesting to learn about Coco, Rachna.
    Truly pets are God’s gift.
    In the movie ‘Entertainment’, the dog named ‘Entertainment’ is a hero too 🙂
    Akshay Kumar says that kids should grow up with pets as the kids get to learn a lot…

  7. Dogs are wonderful. I’ve got three of them, plus a cat and a few fishes and a turtle. I have that zoo you refer to at home.

  8. That waiting for dad at the door and protecting – every thing reminded me the movie Hatchiko. I am hoping U watched it. I loved the movie
    A loving post 🙂

    • Oh yes, Afshan. I have and cried every single time I watched it. I have no doubt that their love for us is boundless. I am blessed to have Coco in our lives. I hope he knows that. Thanks for reading.

  9. Pets are very loveable .But,parting can be very painful.We had a German Shepherd DUKE.
    Due to a silly gets mistake we lost him because of over doze of a medicine .
    We are still trying to get over it

    • Yes, I completely agree with that. It is difficult to recover from the loss of a pet as it is from the loss of a loved one. But if anyone lives a cherished life it is a pet.

  10. Really sweet post 🙂 Love the animated photos too!

  11. Hahahah!! Those pics are hilarious!! He sounds like a real fun dog, just like Luci Shail!! Ahem! You do remember the match I had proposed on FB, right?! 😉

    • He is a fun dog, very crazy and sometimes really stupid as well :). But he is our boundless source of hugs and love, a true stressbuster. As long as he does not go away, I don’t mind any matchmaking ;-).

  12. wowo SO handsome.. beautiful pics and i know the feeling , pets are part of family.

    back in city we had one called Jenny, I had brought her from my village home where we had half a dozen.. I came over to uk, for my first visit back i had fone just after 11monhts but the second visit was after 4.5 years , It was surprise visit too, so no one knew , I reached delhi, my best friend was there to pick me , we drove home.. and I remember this crystal clear, reached very early in morning about 4am, the front gate was locked . so I had to jump over.. as i landed I heard a BARK.. then a GROWL and then I see this fluffy white thing running , I thought maybe she doesnot remember me and i will be bit.. BUT everything happened in a second, I was on floor and getting licked and banged against , I stayed for jsut 4 or 5 days , every second of the stay Jenny was next to me .. she even slept under my bed till i was there ..

    So what i was trying to say was They are family and sometimes more closer than human family ..

    Next time I am there I am surly High-Fiving coco ..

  13. He is so adorable. And the thoughts seem like his own 🙂 Looks like a loving, crazy but awesome company.

  14. Coco sure seems like an adorable pet to have in your life! No wonder he is the center of your universe 🙂

    And those images with captions..howlarious!

  15. How well said – the centre of our universe! Your post reminded me so much of our Mink who we had with us for twelve wonderful years!

    • I used to have a Yorkshire terrier at my parents’ place. We loved him like crazy but he became terribly indisciplined and starting biting later. G has always had dogs at his place when he was growing up. Even though I protested when he wanted to bring one since I did not want to take on so much responsibility, I feel it was a really prudent decision. He is a joy to be around. You must get one again.

  16. I’ve always wanted to have a pet dog, but because of certain constraints, I’m not sure if I would be able to spend time and take care of it. Of late I’ve been bugging my parents to get a pet, let’s see if that materializes 🙂

    They are the only ones, apart from our Grandmas who believe we’re always the best 🙂

  17. Ah dogs. The best of all people! <3

    My pixie is such an angel too, and Coco is adorable! Love the yoga pose.

  18. awww! Made me smile this post! 🙂
    Coco is adorable! And he is blessed too, to have such a loving home and family.
    your post shone with love Rachna. Loved it! 🙂

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