I have seen that Siddharth is really happy to interact with Manas. He looks up to him as an elder brother, something I’ve noticed from his conversations about him. Day before yesterday, he was all smiles when he came home. He was very happy that when some kids teased him in the bus, Manas who was incidentally travelling by school bus came to his rescue. Manas is in the 8th grade so that’s a really big boy compared to Siddharth’s 1st grade. He put the boys in their place. I can only imagine Siddharth’s delight at his Manas bhaiyya’s act. He has also told me that he likes Manas bhaiyya a lot because he is so helpful.

In my interaction with Manas, I’ve seen that he is very well brought up boy. He is gentle with younger children. He even gets along very well with Gautam! Not only Siddharth but a lot of other younger kids also adore him. That’s a tall order for him but he handles it well. He is patient and gentle which in this age of brash, rude and bulleying kids is a pleasant change. I hope he realizes and retains his special qualities and nature.

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  1. I wish the same Rachna 🙂 It’s good to see somebody recongnising these acts. We tend to ignore these small behavioural aspects of our own children. I’m sure Siddharth is also acting the same way with Gautam many a times but as you observe this regularly..it becomes a routine. We must encourage kindness in children, specially when kids are really becoming so self centred now-a-days.
    I am learning so much from you.

  2. Yes,one I agree with you that Siddharth is very generous and considerate with his brother. I do try and appreciate that in him. Second, we really have to teach our kids to be polite and gentle and well-mannered. It is very sad to see so many rude, ill-mannered, selfish kids around. The worst part is that since we are defensive about our kids, we just tend to ignore their bad behaviour, thereby reinforcing it.

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