Yesterday, I had this interesting conversation with Siddharth’s friend Prerak. We were walking together while Gautam was practising his pedaling skills on his tricycle. The conversation went like this:
Prerak: Auntie, how come Siddharth’s Hindi is so good?
Me: Why not, we speak Hindi at home, so he’s bound to pick up good Hindi ( That’s not the only reason, he picks up some heavy duty Hindi words from his dubbed cartoon shows :)). I am sure your Hindi is good too, as you speak Hindi at home.
Prerak: How come his English is so good?
Me: Meaning? He picked up English mostly at school.
Prerak: Then how come he knows big words like “irritate”.
Me: Probably because I tell him ” Don’t irritate me” all the time 😀

I explained the meaning of irritate to Prerak in Hindi who was immediately using this newly acquired word in his vocabulary on his friends :). I don’t know how many more words which I use out of frustration are finding their way into Siddharth’s conversations.

2 Thoughts on “Siddharth’s languages

  1. Like mother like son 🙂 You also have good command over language. The best thing is that you are successful is passing it on to the next generation. WELL DONE

  2. Thank you so much, Manika.

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