The caregiver's trauma

There was a time when I loved her. Her lovely eyes brimming with compassion, her beautiful smile and her warm hug. I dug them. She was my support, my moral compass, my life. Not any more! Now I find it an ordeal to step into her room. Her room minimal, her bedside littered with medicines. The Read More →

Walk on

Walking is something I enjoy. Whether it is walking on the beach, my daily brisk walks or walking on hikes, walking is an integral part of my life. It is the most enjoyable form of workout especially when done outdoors. It can be a pain too when one has to trudge broken footpaths, open gutters Read More →

The past week has been crazy busy. Have not found much time to blog or read. Will make amends as soon as possible. The good part is that the kids’ FAs are over. The bad part is that the SA starts in about 3 weeks. The younger brat’s birthday was super hectic and fun. Before Read More →

You know you take your family for granted when you are growing up. Mom, dad, siblings — they are always around. Why worry? But then you leave your home for college. It hits hard. You hold back tears and feel like a 5-year-old still hankering for mom’s and dad’s support. But, you hold on strong willing Read More →

My younger son is 8. Compared to his brother who is 4 years older, he always seems young. You know how age is actually relative. So, Sid at 8 was a big boy while Gautam at 8 is still a child. Though he is no longer a baby, we still try to hold on to Read More →

It was my husband’s idea that we must have family movie nights every Saturday. It is indeed a rare occasion when the entire family sits and watches a movie together these days. The last one must have been one of the superhero flicks that we watched or perhaps “Gravity.” Most times, Hindi and English movies Read More →

Just the other day, our bunch of girls/women were discussing something about professional writing, and a lovely lady complimented me on how I am able to pack in so many things in my routine and do them well. Of course, I felt happy. Every compliment is a motivator and an energizer on many levels. After Read More →