The conversations in the evening when the children are back from school are quite lively and interesting. After they are done with narrating everything they can remember that transpired in school and in drowning out each other’s voices in their quest to be the first one to tell, they get to the business of evening Read More →

Have you ever studied in an all-girls school or college? I did when I passed out of school and joined the prestigious Sophia’s College in Mumbai. Till then over multiple cities, I had always studied in co-ed schools. That was the only normal I knew. In a sense, I feel that a normalcy around male-female Read More →

Once upon a time, the phenomenon named Mark Z who paid more attention to doing things outside the classroom than inside them at an Ivy-League School came up with an idea called Facebook. The term social networking came later. Initially it was to connect people in his B-School. The phenomenon spread like wildfire and got Read More →