The conversations in the evening when the children are back from school are quite lively and interesting. After they are done with narrating everything they can remember that transpired in school and in drowning out each other’s voices in their quest to be the first one to tell, they get to the business of evening snacks and chit chat.

Sometimes, we idly discuss what they would be when they grow up. Gautam has been watching too many Air Crash Investigations and comes up with Pilot.

And I say, “Why not? That would be fun!”

Then we dream of a day when I will be a passenger in the aircraft piloted by him. I tell him that I would be very proud and would tell everyone that the Captain is my son.

Siddharth says, “Oh, you can be proud even when he is the First Officer.”

“Yes, yes! Of course,” I concede.

Gautam interjects, “I’d prefer to be Second Officer.”

And then Sid gets all impatient that there is no Second Officer. Then begins the cacophony of rebuttals.

Meanwhile the husband interjects, “Imagine Gautam doing the Captain announcement in his ‘shrieking old lady’ voice!”

All hell breaks loose as each of us does our own impersonation. “Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. This is your Captain speaking haiyya hurr hurr :-)…”

Gautam can do this really screechy tone sometimes that can drive you to the verge of insanity. This was our opportunity to get back. And Gautam is suddenly a roaring tiger that he magically transforms into when he is upset. He is your true Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – docile outside and a nuisance at home. Amid fits of laughter, the parents try to restore some order.


Another such scene on another evening. We have explored this subject multiple times. The gist of our conversations has been that both of them will be out of home by 18 doing their further studying probably in another city. And we all know that after that, parents get sidelined in their scheme of things – studies, higher studies, job, girlfriend… whatever… Life then becomes an endless wait for children to show up for a few days to again go away to their new lives.

Sid: “But wherever I go, you guys will come to live with us.”

Mom: “We’ll see once you grow up.”

Sid: “Come on, mom! You and dad can work from anywhere.”

Mom : “Trust me you may not want us to come and live with you” feeling very wise

Gautam: “I will go live wherever bhaiya goes!” We are all resigned to that eventuality. Sigh!

Yes, both of us nod.

Mom: “Sure, till bhai finds a girlfriend!”

Gautam: “So what I can still stay in the same house? What will be the girlfriend’s problem?”

I smile.

Sid and Gautam: “And then mom and dad can stay with us.” Back to square one

Mom: “Maybe in another house close to yours?”

Gautam: “Don’t worry I will not have kids to trouble you. I will never clean potty. YUCK !!! (He says it showing his utmost disgust!)

Mom bursts out laughing. “Okay baba we will see when the time comes!”

Their innocent entreaties melt my heart.


It is so much fun to hear their thoughts and see the world from their eyes when they are this innocent. It also warms a beautiful corner of my heart that they care so much for us. These tiny moments with them seated around the dining table filled with cheer and laughter, where we pull each other’s legs all in good faith are worth crystallizing forever in our memories.

The nest will be empty someday. I am certainly not looking forward to it.

But for now, the home is buzzing with multiple such conversations and amazing activity. And I am soaking in them right now with a smile playing on my lips.

52 Thoughts on “Conversations some more!

  1. This is so cute. Reminds me of my boys being that age

  2. Yes, we will see when the time comes 🙂 Enjoy it all girl! They grow up too fast!

    • Yep, Sid is already 12. Suddenly I wonder where the years flew by :). Hopefully some day they will read these conversations and have a hearty laugh as we will too.

  3. These days are the ones to cherish. Sometimes, when having tea, mom and I would remember the conversations from the past, right from when me and my sis were at school. I really miss those good old days, but the memories are so precious 🙂

  4. Saru Singhal on June 21, 2014 at 12:46 am said:

    That living together opinion they have will change but the good thing is you can make them read this post. What a beautiful post, share such conversations more often.

    • Of course, it will, Saru. Who are we kidding? 🙂 I remember having done one more post on their conversations in the past. There are so many laugh out loud moments when they are around.

  5. It was fun talking and discussing about the happenings of the day with my mom, while having coffee in the evening. Miss those days!

  6. So sweet Rachna… Life is so black and white for them, not a shade of grey, this innocence made my day 🙂

  7. Such a sweet post! Love the innocence of children and their attempts to make sense of adult lives. Great you are recording this.

  8. This was such a fun read! 🙂
    Made me smile.. your boys are cute Rachna… enjoy every moment with them 🙂

  9. What is a life lived but a collection of memories of experiences? You have a lot to be happy about your life 🙂

  10. janu on June 21, 2014 at 9:16 am said:

    Am heading there…towards the empty nest. But yeah…I have a lot of fun with my kids with me and Nishu acting like Tom and Jerry. Sigh!

  11. Such beautiful days get over before we realise the fun we were having.
    But,when children talk in this atmosphere,the words come straight from the heart

  12. My younger one wanted to marry his older brother and was quite disappointed to be told that that wasn’t possible! ! Kids, I tell you!
    Loved Gautam and Sid’s cute exchange of words! !

    • hehehe That is too funny! We always tease Sid that Gautam will be his luggage if and when he gets married :). Two boys are a madhouse at home as I am sure you know.

  13. That post was lovely Rachna ! Made me smile.. Childhood conversations are so entertaining. Yes, there will be an empty nest and we have to prepared for it, wont we. My son currently has vowed he’s not marrying because he doesn’t like girls 🙂 only women or babies or his sisters are okay…. he’s planning to go an adventure with his friend like Tintin !

    • I love all these little conversations that you all are sharing. Their innocence is just so appealing. Thank you for reading and liking the post, Asha!

  14. kid indeed … brought a smile and yes talking to them is the best a parent can do and I am sure you guys are doing a beautiful job…

    and also I am glad you are jotting them down for future reference 🙂

    God bless the little one’s 🙂

    • Thanks, Bikram. Indeed, I am deliberately penning them down. It will be fun to read them a few years from now :). Thanks for your blessings!

  15. Such a heartwarming and a lovely post, Rachna! Enjoy and cherish all their laughter and banter, till they decide to leave the nest! 🙂

  16. Must be interesting I guess. I often wonder what my son is going to say when he gets to the talking to the stage. I am so used to being on one side of these conversations for so many years – I wonder how it will be being on the other side.

    • Good to see you here after sometime, Karthik. Hope the work pressure has eased a bit. Oh yes, I am sure it will be fun when they actually begin speaking. And once they do, they don’t stop. But yes, when they have conversations, it is so much fun and wonderful. You then find friends in your children as I discovered.

      • My wife also keeps telling me it will not all be fun when he starts talking. But somehow I am very eager to see him talk. He somehow does not feel human till he starts talking if you get what I mean. It is still very tough at work. But I thought let me anyway try to accomodate blog reading in my schedule because not looking like things will ease out any time in the near future.

        • I can completely understand what you are saying. Indeed, they do feel human once they begin communicating verbally. It is a joy to see your child reach each milestone. This is the real wonder and beauty in parenting that eggs us on despite all the struggles. I hope things get better for you workwise. Thank you so much for reading despite your time constraints.

  17. Cute and innocent conversation making me smile, with my jaws wide open. You made it such a beautiful narration and memories to cherish:)

  18. Such a cute post Rachna. Their conversations still have that bit of childish innocence yet traces of adult maturity in them. The perfect age that I sometimes wish kids could remain at. Well, I suppose we can enjoy while we can. The little ones have leave the nest some day. Here’s wishing you and your lovely family the very best 🙂

  19. awww so much innocence. Your post took me back to my childhood days, we all would sit together for evening snacks and make all kinds of crazy future plans 🙂

  20. That was a heart-warming post, Rachna. Keep gathering such lovely conversations, precious memories….and the best part is that you can also show the boys these write-ups at an appropriate time, say when you want to move closer to them and they aren’t so keen on that 😉
    But jokes apart, I think you have captured the innocence and genuine loving-caring fun of family conversations so nicely in this post.

    • Haha Beloo I sincerely have no intentions of living with adult kids. I am too free willed for that :-). Yet it feels good to hear idle speculations filled with love. Some day all of us will have fun remembering these conversations.

  21. Such a cute post…read it first day only but couldn’t comment from cell. Reminded me of our own conversations at home. 🙂 Just the other day, I was bribing my son, please work hard and study well…you can nicely stay at home and go to the college don’t have to travel outside…you can get warm food 😛

  22. What a sweet post!! Children do brighten our day with their innocent remarks, don’t they?. My girl is still young but conversations with her warm our heart to the core. Love to your boys. 🙂

  23. Ahh why cnt we be children forever! I know makes no sense, but that innocence! If only its prevailed. World would be a better place.
    This post made me miss my family.
    Gautam is so cute

  24. Having conversations with kids is really de-stressing because of their innocence and lack of inhibition!

  25. Cuteness overload alert! 😀
    I went all aww and like you, I have a smile playing on my lips. Lovely post 🙂

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