Walk on

Walking is something I enjoy. Whether it is walking on the beach, my daily brisk walks or walking on hikes, walking is an integral part of my life. It is the most enjoyable form of workout especially when done outdoors. It can be a pain too when one has to trudge broken footpaths, open gutters Read More →


For parents living in Bangalore, June is a welcome month. Not only is the monsoon on the doorstep and rain-washed days become a reality, but schools reopen after the summer holidays. After putting up with two months of screechy kids at home, our spirits are battered and our patience reservoir is running really low. A Read More →


I must have been 10 back then. I wanted to eat an apple but had no clue about using a knife. Nevertheless, I put it on my hand and thought of chopping it in one stroke like a karate chop. The apple fell down but the knife did quite a bit of damage to my Read More →

“Why are your children so thin? Aren’t you feeding them well?’” “Ask her to use chironji with milk; that will brighten her complexion. Otherwise, who will marry her?” “Why haven’t you conceived this far? I can suggest medication and postures!” “Why is your husband at home? Who earns?” “How much are you earning?  Give me Read More →

The conversations in the evening when the children are back from school are quite lively and interesting. After they are done with narrating everything they can remember that transpired in school and in drowning out each other’s voices in their quest to be the first one to tell, they get to the business of evening Read More →