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As soon as one becomes a parent there is a fierce need to protect your child. When they are tiny, we are constantly stressing about falls and injuries. As they get older and start going to school, we suffer angst about incidents of bullying, loss of good friends and time management. And when they are Read More →

Gathered around the dining table, we were having a late breakfast on a downcast Sunday. I was browsing through the newspaper filled with sorry tales of the havoc the incessant rains had wreaked on Bangalore when I came across an article on why Indians do not contribute much to charity. It was a comparison on Read More →

exams, results

For some strange reason, I loved exams. They gave me a rush. I enjoyed pitting my brains against what the teachers could come up with. And, then the elation of doing well was a personal victory. I still remember how back in the days when I was in school, we had ranks. Gosh, we used Read More →

Her soft touch feels like a gossamer soft feather caressing my cheek. Her eyes sparkle like large, languid pools of mischief almost too big on her pretty face. She looks at me with an unwavering stare, unblinking, her look almost searing its way through my soul. Her smell, nay fragrance is divine. I close my Read More →