As parents we want our kids to be readers, don’t we? Reading is an activity that helps children improve their creativity, vocabulary, enhance their imagination and knowledge. It literally opens their eyes to the world, and we must encourage our kids to read. I am very happy to let you know that Neev Academy, Bangalore, Read More →


It was an inky night. I pulled the heavy quilt around me even tighter. I was half-propped on the bed, eyes widening in terror as I wondered what would happen next. I looked at the big clock on the wall. It was 2 am and the end was nowhere near. Cursing myself because I did Read More →

Yep, I love sharing my childhood memories with my kids. The same incidents too often as hubby pointed out quietly :). So, I was relating to them something about cold drinks. Of course, we did not have Coke or Pepsi back then. I was fondly recalling Campa Cola when my younger son asked me, “Mom, Read More →