The Axe Effect Commercials

Please see these short Axe Effect Commercials being aired during the IPL (link above). My sons, Siddharth and Gautam, freak out when they see these advertisements. They mouth the words of the commercials, and the most hilarious part is their impersonation of the ads. First time Sid plays the cricketer and Gautam the bunch of girls, and second time around it is vice versa. It is truly hilarious to watch them imitate the gestures and the language along with the giggles.
I guess a bunch of beautiful girls chasing a man is the ultimate male fantasy even for younger males 😉



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15 Thoughts on “The Axe Effect on my kids!

  1. lol…but i too think the same…my husb says ..”its in their Genes” cant help it…;-)
    Neil plays crazily with his friends who are boy…but many times i have noticed with girls he is very polite….he smiles at them and more talk with them rather than playing…cant forget he is just 2.8 yrs old….can u blv!!

  2. 🙂 Boys will be boys!!!

    Shaurya is 9 month old only and At this age he hold hands and shows affection for the girls at his Creche but beat the boys!!!

    Medha always says “Papa pe pada hai”


  3. And why not- boys will never change.

  4. LOL that’s pretty funny!

  5. @rohini Yes, men will be men,and they really start young :). My younger son is 3.5 years old, so I can believe you 😉

    @Bhupesh I am sure your wife knows best :). Wah, wah at 9 months, beta bahut aage hai 😉

    BK Chowla Yes, Sir!

    @Agnes I know, I found it very funny too :). I wish I had video recorded that. It would be hilarious to watch again and again.

  6. Ha Ha Ha….
    Your boys show their true colors. 🙂

    P.S.- Kindly enable the Name/url option for commenting. Google profile will misguide you. 🙂


  7. How very funny! I remember when my boys were about your sons ages…how little things would be hilarious to them!

  8. @Nisha Thanks for visiting! And, I’ve enabled what you asked for 🙂

  9. @Cheryl I guess all boys react similarly 🙂

  10. was disappointed, i was hoping to see a video of ur kids, imitate it:D

    on the ads, i didn’t like most of them, especially the one of “its a new ball game now”..
    perhaps the theme has stopped being cute..but then i am not their target audience

    on boys being boys..well, i think its a cycle, there is tne next phase of i hate girls for you perhaps..

  11. on the last line i have seen some pre-teen boys get very irritated by girls, but of course being chased is different..

    but thinking philosophically, everyone likes to be adored..

  12. That’s Adorable, haha!

  13. @wise donkey Actually, I think the ads are pretty consistent in what they project. And, if you don’t get into “how can they show the women this way” bit, then they are pretty funny too. They just play on the pure male fantasy, I feel. So, I do find them funny.

    Oh yes, I am aware of that hate phase, and I am waiting to see that one too 🙂

    I agree, everyone loves to be adored. And being chased by a bunch of hot girls is definitely desirable to all men 🙂

    @Laury Ann Thanks so much for visiting!

  14. Chase by bunch of girls? only in Ad its possible :):):)

  15. @Yeah 🙂 and that is the fantasy value of it. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving so many comments. Hope to see you here more often.

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