I am happy that the tiff between Modi and Tharoor has managed to do some really wonderful things. For starters, Mr. Tharoor goes. The worst part in his behavior as a minister was the angling he did to get “free equity” worth almost 70 crore for his girlfriend. The direct link with ill begotten money was what made his act unpardonable.What I think about the lady, as a woman and as a professional, for strengthening the oft-upheld belief of men that women use themselves for material benefits would require a really long rant. So, suffice it to say that women hate any other women who like to latch on to people in high positions for material gains, thereby bringing disrepute to so many other successful, hardworking women who struggle very hard. If he was shown the door as a minister, it was only good, because people in public life have to realize that corruption and dirty deals cannot be excused and ignored, ever.
Now, the bigger reason for the happiness is that Mr. Modi, who always had a very dubious reputation, hopefully, finally will pay for his sins. The stakes of his various family members in various IPL franchises, the fixing of bids, the allegations of bribe, the exact administration of IPL, the misuse of funds etc. will all be probed. Hopefully, the roles of other politicians and BCCI people will also be out. And, maybe some cleansing will take place and some transparency might set into the general way the cricket body functions in India. This is what we would call, “ek teer se do shikaar.”
The entire episode may act as an eye opener for people who blatantly and publicly follow corrupt practices. It will also be a lesson for ministers who feel that they can not be touched, no matter how improper their acts might seem. It is good that media is helping highlight some of these issues. And, we can be sure that as people we demand transparency and a greater accountability and force our leaders to accordingly deliver.

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  1. The only best I found is:
    We as a public are now heading towards awareness. The more we are aware The more we are able to judge what is good, what is not good.

  2. and yet the crowds swarming to pour money into glamourous pockets surpise me..most of them may not even have a house or proper income..i mean the spectators..no wonder, bollywood has taken over glamour show cricket..and in college days i adored cricket..

  3. What were the intelligence agencies doing when all the bad money was being brought in?

  4. @Hobo Yes, we are not only becoming aware but also less tolerant about corruption and ministers and their high-handed ways. That’s a good sign.

    @Ramesh Unless it is proven that the matches were fixed, I think IPL has provided great entertainment to the people. About different people pumping in funds, we will know the full picture after the entire inquiry. Hopefully, those wanting to invest in the future will be warned.

    @BK Chowla Exactly, sir! I was wondering why if Mr. Modi had not stirred the hornet’s nest, no one right from the IT department had any questions about how the IPL was run. This is the third year after all. If the tweethungama had not taken place, Mr. Modi along with other unknown millionaires would continue to pile on millions.

  5. i think the media conveniently ignored the issue till now. the can of worms was not opened by the IT or ED or the media but by modi..tragic.
    but good riddance

  6. nice take on the issue…

  7. @wise donkey Yes, it is a case of better late than never. Any which way, it is a good beginning.

    @Rohini Thank you!

  8. Yeah truely it is “ek teer se do shikaar”…

    Transparency and accountability is really need of the hour…

  9. Every Indian is mad behind IPL and cricket. When this sort of controversies(read realities) are making news,people do enjoy that too. In all this halla-bubla th innocent public is victim again..its common man who buys the ticket to watch the match or invest time to watch the match on TV 😛

  10. @Karan thank you for visiting my blog! Couldn’t agree more with your view.

    @maverickshree I think on the whole corruption affects all of us. But, I don’t think that the ticket paying public has been fooled. The matches have been high quality and thoroughly enjoyable total paisa vasool. Unless match fixing is proved, we can not fault the quality of cricket on offer.

  11. Had not commented earlier bcoz dindt know much abt IPL, am not much interested in cricket, but all this commotion has actually hooked me up 🙂
    The way the the raids are going on-M loving it 😀

  12. @Bhagyareema Enjoy the mud-slinging 🙂

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