blog anniversary

Today is the 9th Anniversary of Rachna says. The blog that transformed my life in a way and made me indulge in my passion of words. I also launched two more blogs: cooking and fitness blog, Rachna cooks and travel blog, Rachna’s Travel Tales subsequently. Last year, I had hosted a giveaway and gave some Read More →

Just like movie actors, we in blogdom have our own unique language — bloggerspeak. If you are new in town, you may even fall for it. Even seasoned bloggers are not immune to it, I must admit :). Here is my effort to deconstruct some of it for you. Sometimes I do have so much Read More →

Blogging is a fun pastime. At least that is what all bloggers say. It is a great way to vent, share opinions, interact and spout your imaginary wisdom. Yet, I find certain aspects of blogging confusing. Let me share some of them with you and ask you for your inputs. Blogging is stressful! Pray why? Read More →