Those shiny rows of lights that you most commonly used for Christmas decorations are actually extremely versatile. I have noticed that most of us just pack them and keep them stowed away after the festive season is over. But there are great innovative ways in which one can use rope lights. And if you have the LED ones, they not only are power efficient and in turn environmentally friendly but last you really long making them suitable for any kind of long-term use.

Let us see some of their innovative uses:

Children’s parties: Colorful strings of light arranged as a maze or as party lighting with a little creative thinking can make for a great party decoration. You may create loops and hang them from the ceilings for a great effect. Even putting rope lights in the corners can create a beautiful visual effect.

In kitchen cabinets or ceilings:  Rope lights make for a great way to light up difficult to reach places. If hidden inside a high kitchen cabinet or in a false ceiling, it can provide a unique ambient lighting effect. The best part is that you can leave the lights there for a long time as these are normally durable and have a very long life. You won’t be contending with burnt out bulbs in the string of lights for sure.

In bedroom or other home décor: Have you tried using these lights around your photo frames to give a soft sparkle as they glitter away on your bed stand? For a funky effect, you can try concealing them behind the headboard. They work well on railings and around lamps too.

Outdoors: Strings of light bring a soft romantic appeal to your home’s exterior. Perch some up over the tree and sit and have a leisurely meal in the soft ambience. Watch your kids giggle in delight as their tree houses come to life. You can even use them on your balcony for a bright appeal.

Bathroom: Your bathroom can brighten up with a carefully concealed string of lights that provides great ambient lighting. Works well for your attic and those hard to reach places in your wardrobe or closet as well. Just put them in place and leave them on for long-lasting subtle lighting effect.

So bring them out of your packing boxes. They are so easy to put up.  See these simple instructions for the same. Give wings to your imagination, and let rope lights be your friends in brightening up your home.

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18 Thoughts on “5 Innovative uses of rope lights!

  1. Another neat idea is to stuff them into a wine bottle (or any bottle) and use as soft desk lighting. Looks and feels really nice.

  2. Kitchen cabinets and bathroom one is a cool idea! And the one above by Subhorup is a neat one too!

  3. Will look really nice across photo frames.

  4. I use rope lights for kid’s birthdays and other parties. Putting them in the Kitchen and Bathroom is a new idea. I will try it today it self. I also liked the suggestion of putting them in bottles .The idea is no doubt cool!

  5. Seriously I had never thought about those options but then I am rarely at home to try any 😀
    Wow, two posts in one day….you are on a roll

    • Arre try karo :). The other one was scheduled for later but the publishing feature mucked up and both got published simultaneously :).

  6. Neat…never thought abt that..should give it a try..but many times, I never have them…people borrow and never return or I donate and forget to take them back..

  7. Such new touches add interest to mundane activities.

  8. Dagny on May 26, 2013 at 9:56 pm said:

    That’s out of the box!

  9. I always use christmas lights in my bedroom all year round. Sometimes on the window or covering the pot/table or any other way that comes to my mind. I think I should try it in bathroom. 🙂

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