You know the toughest thing for control freaks like yours truly is to even admit that there is something that they do that they are not supposed to do. After all, don’t we have everything under our thumbs? Apparently not! It frustrates me and even disgusts me a bit that I go down this path way too often. But, what to do such is life. With a sheepish grin, I share these with you:

silly behaviour

Flick children’s chocolates:

Before you wrinkle your powdered noses in disdain, here’s my defense: No one comes between me and chocolate! That luscious, gooey, decadent dark fantasy makes my mouth water faster than my Labrador’s at the sight of a meaty bone. When I see a large bar of chocolate, my otherwise apples of eye transform into fierce competitors. I have sometimes flicked a few from their stash as well. It is my way of teaching them about the survival of the fittest. Besides, they must find better hiding places, I tell you!

Saying yes to doing something that I know is a lost cause

I can’t tell you how often I have fallen in this pit. That utterly sweet lady used her sugarcoated voice and made me commit to a project that spelled doom from the word go. I had this premonition in the pit of my stomach yet I slaved on. The entire project was hell and the sugarcoated voice changed into a poisonous hiss all too soon. As a matter of fact, I used to imagine her to be Nagini from Harry Potter so dangerous her tone would get when she harangued me with tight deadlines. At other times, it has been ‘friends’ I went out of my way for. I don’t know why but at times my own gullibility drives me nuts.

Getting scared of creepy reptiles:

If there were paid tickets to watch my performance when I jumped and squealed around at the sight of a creepy crawly then my bank account would have touched the heavens by now. You should see how my kids just love the fun. I wouldn’t be surprised if they would sit around with popcorn and soda to see the normally strong mom behave like a monkey, hopping in fright when she sees a lizard. So many years, and I have still not overcome my repulsion and fear of them much to the delight of my kids.

Being a slave to the househelp:

This is 21st century and if there is someone who has me well and truly eating out of her hands, it is my maid. Come hell or PMS, my best moods are reserved for her. I talk to her in such a silken tone that the husband turns green with envy. She wants an advance, a leave, needs to go early – no problem, she’s got it. All I want is for her to be regular and to keep her mobile on. I pamper her and sweet talk her yet like an alpha male she pretty much does what she wants to leaving me in disarray. Yes, judge me if you like but move on diamonds; maids are a woman’s best friend.

Hoarding on till eternity:

That dress that I haven’t touched in 2 years, magazine copies that are never re-visited, moth-eaten kids’ projects from when they were toddlers, cosmetics bought on a whim that I never used – it is so tough to let go. Somehow an invisible hand seizes me and propels me to inaction every time I think of giving these away. A small voice at the back of my mind says, “Wait, it’s time will come.” Lo and behold, I happily let the item languish back in the corner for 2 more years. Sigh!

Changing a hairstyle on impulse:

I learned this the hard way. You let your hairstylist talk you into trying out a new, trendy hairdo. Sure, why not you feel, imagining a glamorous you walking out with a smug air just like your favorite actress. Blowdried, your hair looks great. You walk on air and glance at everyone from a pedestal of looking good and knowing it. Two days later, you shampoo your hair. That is when the sky falls on your head. Your hair looks frizzy, dull and in short a hornet’s nest on your head. Depressed you apply all kinds of potions to make it look acceptable and then give up and use a scarf. Now comes the long wait to grow out your hair to go back to your earlier hairstyle that made you look human. Be wary; be very wary before changing hairstyles.

I could go on and on now that I am on a self-flagellation trip. But, I believe you get the drift. Suffice it to say that I am working on these. One day, I will be flawless and without idiosyncracies, when the cows come home. Till that time, here’s to a happy imperfect existence.

Care to share your quirky behaviour traits with me.

41 Thoughts on “6 Silly Behaviour Traits of Mine That You Will Find Funny

  1. I enjoyed reading the post and about your funny traits some ofvthem shared by many. Each one has his or her own strange habits that cannot be rationally explained. Visiting your blog after a very long time.

  2. Hahahahahahaha it’s so wonderful to see your comic side. My Mom still flicks out sweets and chocolates and her getaway dialogue is – I gave birth to you ?? now who can argue that. I am a hoarder too… And my stuffs go long back in time. I really need to do some cleaning. As for the hair… Been there done that ???

  3. Hahaha…I had such a wonderful time reading your chuckle-inducing post, Rachna! I too am guilty of some of this silliness. No one can come between me and my chocolates too! I hide those in places no one would notice. I say “Yes” to people I would rather say “No” to and I too run away from the creepy crawlies.
    But you know, these idiosyncrasies are what make us unique. Our flaws make us perfect. So, chill, sister, you don’t need to work on these. Be proud of your silly behaviour and wear it like a badge of honour. Its these imperfections that make you perfect!

  4. That is an interesting list you have compiled, Rachna Srivastava Parmar! An enjoyable read:)

  5. I am a hoarder too. I have saved up all of my kid’s scribbles and “art works” from the time he started to draw lines (Mind you, we have been moving from country to country for the past three years. 🙂 ) I even have the hospital tag from the time I gave birth to my first one (of course, second too.) I love chocolates and flick them too without any repentance. Rest we are different, Rachna. Never had a maid. I avoid committing to anything I feel I can’t. Saying no is a must at times. Afraid of snakes, yes, (other reptiles are fine) but I am too busy to think about them. ( Oops, I sincerely hope that they won’t make an appearance in my dream tonight.) Always the same hairdo, too lazy to try out anything new. 🙂
    I loved learning about your silly traits, Rachna. Didn’t feel it as silly, though! 🙂

  6. hehe..well, the last one I’m familiar with. Well, not really changing the hair style but doing what the hair stylist suggests. I have learnt now to never listen to them 🙂
    I’m a control freak too and my sister and S always keep making fun of that but still I don’t stop trying to control everything and them 😉

  7. Now this was a fun read. We all have been there or are there in the same boat as you in one way or the other. I am a hoarder too when it comes to stacking and storing away son’s art works. I am guilty of never looking into my cupboards to find out which of the things are lying around unused for. I don’t even throw away clothes which get torn, seems to me a waste, ironically. While I can take care of the creepy crawlies armed with a jhaadu in my hand, I am afraid of rodents. Thankfully I live don’t live on the ground floor or else they would have been regular visitors.

    • Nice to hear about your own habits, Anamika. Clothes, I can give away easily and I do every year twice a year. And yes, I too am afraid of rodents. Luckily, I don’t really have to encounter them at home.

  8. All of the above and more…. Welcome to the world of the weirdos !

  9. Hahaha. This was such a fun read, Rachna. We all have our own idiosyncrasies. Same pinch on getting scared by creepies and crawlies. I can share the same room with lizi aunties. And that’s when I have dissected hundreds of animals. I was a hoarder once but now I am quick to dispose / give away anything that I know will not be used.

    • I have improved on the hoarding habit as well, Shilpa. Mostly clothes and kids’ toys, I have given away but there is still some stuff I can give away but haven’t. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  10. Ha ha ha.. good to read this piece. The chocolates and the hoarding – that’s me. Creepy crawlies don’t freak me out much. Would love to see that performance. Envy your kids having all the fun :-).

  11. Ha ha ha, these were hilarious! I love chocolates too but have cut down now. Drastically. I’m scared of rats but not so much lizards. Still wouldn’t want them near me or anything. As for the maid, he he he. We’ve all been there.

    My hair is a mess anyway so I don’t ever bother with hairstyles much to the woe of my well wishers. These were fun. I should do a post like it! 🙂

    • I would actually love to see you experiment a bit with your hair. I’ve never even seen you let it loose! Rats are disgusting too, and many commenters seem to hate them. Would love to read your post as well. ?

  12. Hahaha, adorable you are 🙂

    I’ve never been a fan of chocolates and I’m always more than happy to giveaway the ones I have. I hate reptiles too but not as much as rodents. Rats give me the creeps and I’d run a mile away from then anytime. I don’t have a housemaid as I hate the dependency and like things done a certain(my) way.

    I’m not a hoarder at all. I look at a thing as go “Will I need this in the next six months”, if the answer is no, out it goes 😀

    Loved reading more about you, Rachna 🙂

    P.S: Please configure your Twitter handle in the side bar.

    • Hehe Wish you lived closeby and I would’ve taken your chocolate stash. ? Yeah, rats seem to be the universally hated. Glad you enjoyed the post. I have configured the twitter handle.

  13. I dare not even admit my own quirks. But I am totally with you on all the points except the maid (I don’t have one) and occasionally the hairstyle. I cut my own hair (go on, roll your eyes).

    The creepy crawly stuff… ewwwh. I am slowly getting over the hoarding habit by simply giving away stuff. The relief is immense. I think half the problem is, discovering something that has been out of sight for a while…it seems like a new thing and brings in memories and then, you don’t want to let go. I also have the issue of having grown up in a thrifty, and later, sometimes broke family, so, throwing anything away is a big deal. I’ve gotten over that part, because giving away is far more satisfying. Plus, what a lot of dusting to do!

    Hugs, Rachna. Loved the post. Did you draw those eggs? So cute.

    • Yes, l get that bit about hoarding. I also come with the thrifty habit and prefer to reuse things. But like you I am getting better at giving things away. Those eggs image is a stock one. So cute, they are.

  14. These are not quirky traits, these are the ones that make you chirpy! I do things that would annoy my husband as well, maid is God, Lizards are evil, and dresses are forever!! May you get more of these quirks! 🙂

  15. Hilarious read… and some things I probably would not have guessed 🙂
    P.S. I see that maids have the same high class levels there too!

  16. I guess we all have them. Like I find it difficult to say no and of course to let go too.
    And of course many more.
    I’m sure we could all write books on the topic.
    But, thank you for sharing these with us, Rachna 🙂
    It’s little things like these that help us know each other better.

  17. I remember the husband sent a box of chocolates on my birthday from the US where he was stationed for an assignment. My then 6 year old daughter tried to open the box only to have her Mom scream STAY AWAY, THAT’S MINE!

    And now I ask for desserts that don’t have chocolate.

  18. Haha! I loved reading this post. So what if we have some imperfections, aren’t we all human beings? 🙂

    You know some things are better left that way as long as it doesn’t badly affect you or others around you. As for me, I have a long list but the most annoying one would be to not wait for someone else to complete their sentence before jumping off to share my perspective. Since this affects both me and the people around, I’ve been trying to work on this 🙂

  19. Having a hard time saying NO, hoarding, reptiles – all me, too.Though I have gotten better at the hoarding thing. I do random, impulsive de-clutters these days. Hopefully soon, I will get into a pattern of sorts with them. As of now, if they are not random and/or impulsive, then they just don’t happen, ’cause then I’ll talk myself out of doing a de-clutter in the first place.

  20. Lovely post, happy to know more about you.I too have been conned by Sweet talkers now and then but now I’m wary.

  21. Hahaha….. “Control freaks like yours truly!!!” That’s very true. 😀 It’s very hard to accept your shortcomings. You are really a brave woman though you get scared of creepy reptiles. Well, after reading this post, I’m very excited to watch your bank-balance-raising performance. Be prepared for it. Whenever we meet, I’m gonna throw a lizard on you. Of course, the plastic one. Hope that won’t affect the quality of performance! 😛 And yes, you’ll get a box full of chocolates after the performance 😀

    Thanks for showing this sunny side of Rachna. I’d love to read more posts of this nature on your blog in future.

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