It’s not that time of the year without all of us being in a hectic mode. Navratris are on and while I don’t do anything special during Navratri, I do cook a lot of festive food. In my home, everyone is a foodie. So, since kids started their holidays from Saturday, I have been cooking Read More →

gratitude july

July draws to a close, and this month has seen many more downs than ups for me. Healthwise, this was a month of concerns. I’ve had cough and allergies on and off for 3 weeks now. They abate and resurface. It has been quite dismaying. But, yes, I am managing with home remedies and have vowed Read More →

We share a love-hate relationship with our domestic helps here in India. If you can find a good one, you hold on to her tight. A good help, however, can easily get poached. So you pamper her with honeyed smiles. Your bad moods are never for her to endure. You smile when she tells you Read More →

The night is dark. The lovely, old trees seem ghost-like with large shadows dancing across their branches making them look eerie. The fire in front of me is crackling. The wood slowly turning to ashes but giving it all just before the life goes out of it. Staring into the glowing embers, my thoughts turn Read More →

We all hang on to old memories. They become so precious that we re-live them through photos or material possessions. I have old handwritten letters from friends, college scrapbooks, some lovely cards, even old emails that the husband and I exchanged during our courtship. Stuff we hoard and possibly take to our graves so precious it Read More →

gratitude for life's little joys

It’s a beautiful Thursday today. One day in a week when we don’t have eggs or any non-vegetarian food as a matter of fact. Just honouring a family tradition on my husband’s side of family. And, I sit down to acknowledge all that I felt grateful for recently. Well this week was quite a rollercoaster Read More →

This is another edition of the life and times with the younger son. Never a dull moment when he is around. So the other day, we went shopping for jeans. He needed some and I am always game for some. So first we went to buy him jeans. Now have you noticed that the fit Read More →

The younger son and I have a very affectionate yet exasperating relationship. He is a boy with a mind of his own. He can be very loving and caring and yet can show an extremely mean and stubborn side in a jiffy. It all depends upon the rapport you share with him and of course Read More →

rome street

European cities are beautiful. A fantastic public transport, friendly people and an unrushed life makes for some great tourist destinations. But Europe is on  edge after the recent terror attacks in Belgium and Paris as is apparent from the large army presence at almost all monuments, railway stations and airports. There is also a raging Read More →