These days, sigh, I end up watching most Hindi movies with kids. The reason is that the husband has so many dislikes when it comes to Hindi movie heroes and heroines. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is an excuse that he’s invented so that he does not have to take us to Hindi Read More →

Challenges boys face in education

I have two boys. Yeah, I know, ALL of you know that. I live in a house that is strongly tipped in the favor of the Y chromosome. Even my Labrador is a boy. While, that in itself makes for some really interesting and hilarious experiences, it also exposes me so much to the male Read More →

open letter sons

Dear S and G, It is not often that mommy writes you a letter. Yeah, I know all about the lectures that I dole out generously to the both of you every single day! But today, I decided to actually pen down something for the two of you. You both know how proud I am Read More →