Today, I have the pleasure of hosting noted psychologist and mindfulness guide, Aarathi Selavan for a wonderful post on living intentionally that I think will benefit all my readers. In a whirlwind of emotions, we react poorly, it is but human after all. But when we find ourselves time and again in situations where we Read More →

Today, I have the pleasure of hosting Karthik aka The Fool as he is popularly known as in the blog world. He blogs at Lucifer House Inc. and Three Realms of the Mind. I don’t exactly remember how I chanced upon his blog, but I’ve been reading him for years now. His Bride Hunt series is one Read More →

Today, I have the pleasure of hosting Prasad Np known popularly in the blog world as the Desi Traveler. If you want to read the stories behind the journeys, head to his blog. The pictures are breathtaking; the experiences real and invigorating. His blog is a favorite travel blog of mine. His foray into blogging Read More →

Today I have the immense pleasure of hosting, Ruchira Shukla of Nirjharini fame on my blog. Just like her blog name, her writing is lyrical and strikes emotional chords. Ruchira is a dear friend, perhaps among my closest friends in the blogworld. She is honest, endearing, affectionate and a very loyal friend. I am blessed Read More →

When I first chanced upon Red Handed’s blog, I remember having the feeling of hitting pay dirt. She does humor with a sassy, no-holds-barred attitude which makes for delightful, guffaw-worthy posts. Since then I have been hooked to her blog. She is a very popular blogger and deservedly so. I am delighted to welcome her Read More →

Siddharth Parmar, my son, blogs at Musings of a Bookworm. He is an avid reader who reads Chemistry encyclopedias in the same vein as he does his Asterix and Tintin comics. He also loves playing Football, cricket and Table Tennis. He is a quizzing enthusiast as well. I take a lot of pride in how Read More →

Today, I have Janaki Nagaraj of Memoirs of a Homemaker fame gracing my blog. She also has a photography blog, Vithika. I have known Janaki for years now. At least it feels like forever. Our friendship grew and developed over time. Though the qualities I admired about her of her warmth, openness, honesty and caring Read More →

Today, I have the pleasure of hosting Sid Balachandran of I Wrote Those  fame on my blog. Since I came across Sid in the blog world a few months ago, I have been a regular reader of his blog. Whether he writes fiction, humor, musings, parenting or slice-of-life posts, he does them all with elan! Read More →

It gives me great pleasure to have done this Guest post for dear friend, Janaki Nagaraj’s blog, Memoirs of a Homemaker today. Janaki is a person I have known virtually for quite some time till I met her in Bangalore a couple of years back. What stood out for me about her apart from her Read More →

It was 8 am on a chilly December morning in Bangalore. There was huge commotion around a stationary school bus. Anxious parents were crowding near the single door of the bus. There were some who were trying to hang from the window panes desperate for one last glimpse, anxiety writ large on their faces. There Read More →