Diwali is by far the most important festival celebrated in my home. It also has some lovely memories associated with it. My childhood memories are redolent with the fragrance of Diwali spent in my maternal grandfather’s home surrounded with uncles and aunts and cousins. I remember that we absolutely loved those icky black crackers, which Read More →

We started our journey by road to Wayanad from Bangalore. We were going to a small homestay,Treasure Trove, our first destination.  The trip itinerary and booking was done by Shivya and Sifty from India Untravelled courtesy the Indiblogger contest that I’d won recently. We had done this route earlier and knew the route quite well. Read More →

Yes, I was on vacation for 5 days. That takes so much of preparation. Inform clients way ahead of time. As I am a freelancer, I try to ensure that all work is delivered before deadline. And then send mails to everyone that I will be away. Despite that I found clients shooting me emails Read More →

You know when I was growing up, people around me never really indulged in storytelling. My own parents did not have the habit of reading to me. I don’t remember how I got initiated into reading. It must be because my elder sister and dad were avid readers. But no one told stories at home. Read More →

It was 5 pm in the evening. Suddenly the sky went completely dark, swallowed as it was with black, bulbous clouds. Within a couple of minutes, sheets of water descended from the heavens coupled with loud thunder. It was suddenly as dark as an inky black night. The streetlights came on. And we stood with Read More →

We may not realize it but there are times when all we need is that knowing look, a gentle smile or an encouraging prod that enables us to reach for the skies. I have had the pleasure of knowing many, many souls who have encouraged, motivated and mentored me. Some of them were my teachers. Read More →

“Why are your children so thin? Aren’t you feeding them well?’” “Ask her to use chironji with milk; that will brighten her complexion. Otherwise, who will marry her?” “Why haven’t you conceived this far? I can suggest medication and postures!” “Why is your husband at home? Who earns?” “How much are you earning?  Give me Read More →

This is a long due post on Coco. He is more than 3 years old now and despite all his quirks, the little fellow (he is not that little anymore) brings us immense joy. You give him anything to nibble on like a piece of vegetable or a fruit and he rushes to his favorite Read More →

Towards mid-May, it being summer holidays for children when I was simply unable to handle my time, I pulled the plug on my FB profile. I deactivated it knowing that I will be back, later, when my life was more sorted. Why did I give so much importance to something that was completely within my Read More →