The year was 2004. I was mother to a toddler son who was just about 2 years old. A few months back, I had put him in day care to work professionally. I had successfully cleared the training and was now working as a medical transcriptionist. The only lure in the job for me was Read More →

I ask the nurse to let me see the boy. She assures me with a smile that he is with his father, and they will only allow me to go after a couple of hours. After a C-section, they had to wait for me to completely recover from the anaesthesia. In pain and feeling dizzy, Read More →

I think, people are right in saying that the youngest child in the family always remains young in the minds of the parents. I objectively say that I don’t pamper him. At least, I try not to :). But, it is difficult to not succumb to his charms when he asks for something in his Read More →

Anyone, who has lived in Bangalore marvels at how we manage to drive so chaotically and survive. We have suicidal drivers, maniac bike riders, aunties who veer onto the roads in a two-wheeler at snail’s pace right in front of your car, homicidal bus drivers, goons driving autorickshaws who would challenge you by giving you Read More →

Lord Ganesh is the Vighnaharta which means the “remover of all obstacles”. He is a lovable Hindu God. Gautam’s first understanding of Ganesh came through “My Friend Ganesha” – an animated Hindi movie he saw on a kiddies channel. We also have a lot of Ganesh idols around the house – most of them gifts Read More →

I began my day with a headache after a night of broken sleep. Sid being sick disturbs my sleep just when I am slipping into some sort of deep sleep. My daily morning walk is disrupted since the past one week and makes me feel fidgety during the day. The weather is cool and depressing Read More →