The conversations in the evening when the children are back from school are quite lively and interesting. After they are done with narrating everything they can remember that transpired in school and in drowning out each other’s voices in their quest to be the first one to tell, they get to the business of evening Read More →

Today is June 2nd, and it is also the day when routine comes back to Parmar family after almost two and a half months of madness! That is the only word that can define what hits our household when the kids’ summer vacations begin. This year we traveled a fair bit so almost 3 weeks Read More →

Chashmish is a derogatory term in Hindi that is used to refer to someone who wears spectacles. I had my first experience of this term when I was just about 5 years old. I must be among the rare breed of kids in my generation who got spectacles at such a young age. We were Read More →

A dying father was deep in conversation with his young son. The father, a billionaire, was on his death-bed stricken with a disease that was finally taking his life away. The son felt like an alien, his face hardened, eyes averted. The father reaches out to the son. His words struggling to offer explanation for Read More →

After gastronomically delightful stays in Delhi and Agra that I detailed in Foodie vacation and foodie vacation continues in Agra, we move on to the city of Amritsar. The scary incident in the train notwithstanding, we looked forward to our stay here. And the city delights every single time I visit. After we reached our Read More →

It was my husband’s idea that we must have family movie nights every Saturday. It is indeed a rare occasion when the entire family sits and watches a movie together these days. The last one must have been one of the superhero flicks that we watched or perhaps “Gravity.” Most times, Hindi and English movies Read More →

The previous post detailed the food escapades in Delhi. So we caught a train to Agra which took a wee bit more time than by car from Delhi. I was looking forward to going to Agra that we had skipped on our last tour to North India a couple of years back. Not only is Read More →

You know one of the delights of vacationing for me and my husband is in eating local food. And we like most cuisines, so it is hardly a challenge for us to try something new except that we don’t eat many kinds of meats. So this time, when we planned a trip to North India, Read More →

As I fly back home from a long vacation tomorrow, this one incident mars my memories. Leaving the city of the Taj Mahal, we caught a train to Amritsar from Agra Cantt. At the station there was a huge presence of armed policemen apparently traveling on election duty. We had comfortable 2nd AC reserved seats Read More →

Siddharth Parmar, my son, blogs at Musings of a Bookworm. He is an avid reader who reads Chemistry encyclopedias in the same vein as he does his Asterix and Tintin comics. He also loves playing Football, cricket and Table Tennis. He is a quizzing enthusiast as well. I take a lot of pride in how Read More →