Blogging is a fun pastime. At least that is what all bloggers say. It is a great way to vent, share opinions, interact and spout your imaginary wisdom. Yet, I find certain aspects of blogging confusing. Let me share some of them with you and ask you for your inputs. Blogging is stressful! Pray why? Read More →

Please read Part I and Part 2 before proceeding! And, in no time, The Gateway of India stood in front of them, majestic and inviting. The dark sea beyond had small specks of bobbing lights sparkling right till the horizon. Mesmerized they watched grasping the beauty of the moment. Avni suddenly asked him about the Read More →

Please read Part 1 of this fiction based on real life events here before proceeding to read this part. Continuing   So, on went the conversations, mostly honest yet carefully sugar coating the tricky scenarios. They wrote back and forth every day. As they got a little friendly, banter and jokes got added to their Read More →

It is said that marriages are made in heaven! When I look around at some of the couples I know, it has to be God who has put them together and keeps them together. Destiny really does have a role to play in our lives, sometimes upsetting every single premise that we have believed in. Read More →

They were walking on the street quietly. A rather large-sized lady passed by. She waved to another and said, “I just came from the pool.” He nudged his partner and said out of earshot, “And left the pool empty (with a naughty glint in his eyes)!” She looked at him and howled loudly. He had Read More →

Has it ever happened to you that a particular aroma transported you right back into your childhood, back to being a little girl? I believe nostalgia has its own unique fragrance redolent of beautiful times! And there is something beautifully Indian about our childhood memories and the aromas we associate with them. I have some Read More →

Yep, I love sharing my childhood memories with my kids. The same incidents too often as hubby pointed out quietly :). So, I was relating to them something about cold drinks. Of course, we did not have Coke or Pepsi back then. I was fondly recalling Campa Cola when my younger son asked me, “Mom, Read More →

Especially when the beauty emanates from a pure soul—that of a mother! She is the nurturer who teaches you to give and love selflessly. When I look back at the memories of my mother, I can’t help but feel deep love, gratitude and respect for her. A postgraduate in Hindi, a kathak exponent; she was Read More →

When my dear friend, Jaspreet, of Going Beyond the Pages fame asked me for a guest post, I was certain that I will write about parenting. It is a topic we both like writing about. She is a person I share a great rapport with. She is a good friend, and I enjoy our chats Read More →

The lights were bright! I sat mortified fearing the worst. I saw his masked face with an apologetic glint in his eyes as he came at me with a knife and a drill! I felt panicky and numb as the injections had begun taking effect. The lights were blinding me. His voice asked me to relax. How could I? Over his shoulder, I saw my husband peeking, his face breaking into a comforting smile. With a sigh, I settled back and closed my eyes while he got to work. Yes, my dentist began a long process of wisdom tooth removal. Since mine hadn’t completely erupted and was in a supine posture, the surgery was going to involve cutting the bone to extract the tooth. Add to it, I had to get a root canal treatment done for the adjacent tooth which had begun rotting! Oh the misery! Read More →