When Purba Ray of A-musing fame asks you for a Guest Post, you really feel like you have arrived. She is one of the most widely acclaimed and seriously talented bloggers out there. Her sparkling wit, razor-sharp sarcasm, delightful humor and heart-tugging sensitivity make for a blog that is truly a delight to read and Read More →

I looked with distress as he came teary eyed to me yet another time. Someone had called him names. I was irked, really irked! This was a daily situation. Playing as he did with an older bunch of boys, he was exposed to cuss words, insults and episodes of bullying almost on a daily basis. Read More →

She looked at her beautiful paintings adorning the wall, and sat down in her favorite chair to pen her letter. That done, she took a deep breath and went ahead with her plan. *** Ananya was studying in the 12th Standard of a reputed school in Bangalore. She was attending coaching classes every day of Read More →

For parents, a movie outing with younger kids is like a roller-coaster experience. One does not have any idea how the journey would pan out. So, normally we go for family movies – read movies where a lot of other kids are present so that your child’s din gets drowned out in the commotion. Or Read More →

Mr. and Mrs. Kramer go for a family outing with their two children, Ron and Vanessa. Vanessa is 6 years old and extremely bratty, prone to tantrums. Their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Brown have a son who is Ron’s age, Darius. Darius and Ron, the teenagers, enjoy picnics together, as they are thick friends. They Read More →

Yes, it is true that one of the phases that I dread as a parent is when my children will turn teens. I know all about imparting correct values but the sheer rebellion that one faces in that phase can be daunting. Besides there is always a clash in our values and thinking which now Read More →

Couple of days back, I went to watch English Vinglish in the theater with my kids after reading some really good reviews of the movie. Well, those reviews were not wrong, and the movie was time well spent. I am not attempting a review here. I wanted to talk about a very important and relevant Read More →

Parenting is so complex, any which way. But all of us educated types have brought in huge doses of egos in our methods. What I mean to say is that because I am well educated and well read, I might not be so open to receiving advice about my parenting methods. Because, it is a Read More →