Yes, it is true that one of the phases that I dread as a parent is when my children will turn teens. I know all about imparting correct values but the sheer rebellion that one faces in that phase can be daunting. Besides there is always a clash in our values and thinking which now seems outdated to our children. We felt similarly when we were growing up. And then I came across this story that makes a lot of sense. I know parenting is very complicated and this is a simple story. But the premises behind most things in life are actually very basic. So I wanted to share this story with all of you for a post I did on Do read it here:



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6 Thoughts on “Teenage Children and Parental Control

  1. There seems to be multiple views on this. Some advocate treating children like adults while there is this other point of view that they need to be treated differently.

    • Treating children with empathy and respect is most important whether you think of them as friends or your children. So in effect whether you start thinking of them as adults or still children, getting hyper and belligerent may not serve anyone’s purpose. But having said that, children can be very difficult :).

  2. Good story, Rachna! I can say been there done that. Teenagers go through phases of love and resentment towards their parents, so brace yourself 🙂

  3. will hop over to read it now!

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