The other day, when the car was at a traffic light, I noticed a young couple, a newly-wed couple on bike. They would have looked like any other young couple on a bike except that the girl had her arms full of red bangles. They both were dressed in jeans and Tees. Normally, we don’t Read More →


Snigdha hurriedly gulped down her coffee as she waved bye to her husband. He left early morning to beat the commute. She had exactly an hour to go before she hit the road too. Luckily her workplace was about 10 minutes away. Mornings were always very hectic in the Verma household. Their two kids were Read More →

My current maid is the talkative kind. She regularly shares anecdotes of her family. She has two daughters younger than my children. She is working hard to put them in school. Her husband is a painter (not the Arts kind). I have noticed that whenever her children are sick, she is the one who takes Read More →

bullies parents

This incident happened about a week back and frustrated me immensely. I waited to cool down substantially before penning it down. Let me give a little background first. The community where I live has boys and girls of all ages. Most of the elder boys play games like football and cricket. This motley group has Read More →

All of us watched with amusement as we saw President Obama of the United States chewing gum while enjoying the Republic Day Parade in Delhi. Some even wondered about the brand. President Obama has openly spoken about the struggles he faced in quitting tobacco use right from his teenage years. His doctors have officially declared Read More →

This weekend, I watched a couple of interesting docu-features on television. One was about finding life partners for the not-so-young upmarket Indian professionals. The story focused on a man, a woman and their struggles in the marriage market. The girl narrated how difficult it was meeting men and their parents. One tiny meeting was supposed Read More →

This Season of Satyamev Jayate came to an end yesterday. The topics chosen were marvelous and inspiring. While we may be aware of most of these, what is important is that this program brought about awareness, shared real-life stories of courage, despair and hope and brought these topics back to online as well as drawing-room Read More →