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When we moved to Bangalore, little did we know that our nomadic days were firmly behind us. Having been married for 3 years then, we had moved 4 houses and 2 continents and had a toddler son. In Bangalore itself, we moved two houses till the bug to own our own consumed us. Then started the house hunting. I remember falling in love with the design of this villa as soon as I saw it for the first time. Having always lived in apartments, I loved the idea of a gated community and our own spot under the sun with a little patch of lawn in front of it. We saw it come up in front of our eyes from a few bricks in the foundation to a home we love and cherish. I remember the frenzied months, when all our waking moments were spent in just running from store to store, choosing the tiles, designs, wood work, sanitary fittings, chasing carpenters and running after builder’s men with a toddler in tow who got sick of our boring weekends. Yes, we had budget constraints and so we went with the staid paints that the builder provided. This home saw the birth of my younger son and home coming of Coco. In a way the boring walls worked out well as the kids got ample opportunity to draw and dirty the walls.


Then 3 years ago, we decided to repaint the house. Now, we were wiser, knew exactly what we wanted from our wall paint. So, we choose Asian Paints Royale. Just like the Saif advertisement, I wanted a paint that was no fuss, looked great and yet was kid friendly (cleaning friendly). It had Teflon that promised sheen on the walls. Yes, it was more expensive but then we don’t paint our homes regularly, do we? I can vouch for its excellent features. The paint has seen multiple spills and other accidents and wiping and cleaning with soap and water removes all stains. The sheen is delectable on the walls.

The pictures speak for themselves.

As soon as you enter my house, you will instantly notice the lived in feel. Two crazy kids giggling and running around with a very confused Labrador in tow is a common sight. My husband in all probability will be up on the terrace tinkering with his beloved plants. And, I am either in the kitchen or seated in my cozy corner hammering things on the keyboard just like I am doing now. Things will be strewn around!

I should actually put a disclaimer saying, “Caution: Things Out of Place!”



Kitchen and Dining Area: This is my domain. I have spent hours here churning out delicacies. My kids when younger would plop up on the platform or sit on the table chatting while I cooked! The woodwork has stayed great due to the use of water proof plywood. The tiles were handpicked by me. I love sunshine hence loads of yellow, oranges, brick reds in my home. Remember to get good sink, fittings, the platform customized to your height. These minor touches make cooking more ergonomic.


Living Room: My living room sofa was transformed into plush fabric only recently. Initially we had faux leather to indulge both my kids who loved playing water games with utensils on the sofa. I love the orange and cream walls that complement the brown theme of every thing else. Yes, each room has one dark wall as a signature wall. I don’t like too many many elements. Besides I can easily modify the look of the wall by changing the paint or going for a decal.


This staircase now glittering in mustard has seen tiny tots crawl up the steps and look down in alarm. We had fixed detachable doors at the top and bottom and safety nets to take into account naughty kids. The up and down the steps through the day keeps us in good shape.



Master bedroom: Our bedroom has maroon and peach walls and loads of storage. The wardrobes and bed were custom built. The room was spacious enough to accommodate a nice crib and co-sleeper when the babies were young. Plan long term because your home and its space is there to stay.


Children’s bedroom: Children’s room is done in blue. I love the matching Godrej wardrobes that are sturdy and spacious. The boys chose the color scheme for their room. I personally love blue as well. And the walls look so good even after all the abuse they have taken. And that book case belongs to my bookworm son.


Guest cum work room: This is the guest bedroom and also my work area! With Natraj for inspiration and my favorite lavender and magenta on the walls, I love spending time in quietude here.


Lounge: Our lounge is our rest area. You see our Television ensconced next to a large book case. My books jostle for space with those of the husband. The dressers come in very handy for segregating and storing knick knacks.




Terrace Garden: The terrace has been converted into a roof top organic garden by my passionate gardener husband. We also do our own composting here. It is a delight having your very own green patch. We also have a solar heater for the house here. Yep, we are green folks.


Sitout: Our sitout is the area that lets in adequate light and sunshine. The kids hang out here sometimes loafing and at other times reading or playing with Coco.

Tips on creating your dream home:

Budget: There is a mind boggling array of choices when it comes to fittings, tiles, wood work, and paints. Carefully budget and then compare costs and features. Prioritize.

Functionality: Insist on skid proof tiles for your bathroom. Always invest in good waterproofing and good quality paint. It lasts you longer and stays fresh too. Plan your furniture according to the space available, and build in a lot of storage.

Labor: Hiring external contractors is cheaper. But poor quality job and inadvertent delays take a huge toll too. The Asian Paints professionals give you time bound painting. Their other services like taping wardrobes and switchboards, and leaving your floor spic and span after painting help take away the sweat of painting. Also you can be assured that they are using original paints else you must buy your own paints from authorized stores. Draw up a proper contract before embarking on the work.

Research: Seek professional guidance and browse the net to understand the various options and décor choices available to you. Try Asian Paints Inspiration Wall for some excellent inputs and ideas for your home.

Above all, let your home reflect you! Have your little touches all over the home. And let your home ring with laughter and joy!

My motto is simple: I don’t go around chasing every bit of dirt. I chase happiness!


Lamps like these add quiet allure to the decor!

Hope to have you over soon. Remember I cook quite well!


This is my entry for The Beautiful Home Blogger Contest in association with Asian Paints and Ripple Links.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! ! Next time I am in india ivam coming over for sure 🙂

  2. Wow Rachna!A home made with love and written about with love 🙂 Hope I can visit it some day… 🙂

  3. I love love love your house! 🙂
    Kudos for being green people 🙂

  4. You have a beautiful home Rachna 🙂 And your writings echo it too!!

  5. Wow! What a beautiful home you have. Loved the decor and the way you have maintained it! Good luck for the contest 🙂

  6. The guest bedroom is done in my colour…red. I am coming in April. Your home is as warm as you are.

  7. You have a lovely home, Rachna!! It’s so warm and inviting!! My favorite space is the kids’ room 🙂

  8. Hi Rachna. The title ‘Home Sweet Home’ caught my attention. Loved reading your post and the lovely pics are proof of every word you have written.

    Incidentally i just booked my tickets for Bangalore.. My nephew and his wife live in Whitfiled. Would love to meet you and visit your home.

    ATB for the contest 🙂

  9. Lovely! sach mein har ghar kuch kehta hai 🙂

  10. What a beautiful house! Very well furnished It must be a pleasure living in such a grandeur.

  11. Just so so beautiful! Owning a Villa is a dream..someday! It is beautiful…and it is lived-in 🙂 I love that!

  12. Wow…so nice to have a peak into your home. Next time, I know where to come 🙂
    Now, I will be in that phase shortly of running around for tiles and stones and etc etc…I really wish to keep it within the budget. And about moving places, ask me about it. I am in my 8th house in less than 10 yrs…..and I am super frustrated 🙁
    arre, good luck for the contest..

  13. How lovely to get a peep into your house! I love how you added color to each room and the rooftop garden is awesome!!
    Best of luck for the contest!

    • Thanks, Rosh! Oh you should see how the plants right from saplings to grown plants are growing everywhere on the terrace and the sitout! I have sternly warned the husband not to bring them inside :). But, growing your own organic food is a high worth experiencing. I love the colours too on the walls and the sheen.

  14. Such a warm, bright, lovely home! Love your terrace garden. Thanks for a virtual tour of something as personal and as sacred as your home.

    • Thanks, Alka! Would love to have you over if you ever come to Bangalore again. The terrace garden is a great place to sit and unwind. The kids love to see each vegetable grow from a sapling. As they say, it takes them closer to the roots!

  15. Ok now tell me this. How many days of scrubbing and cleaning and sorting and folding did you make the boys do before being ready for the photo shoot? 😀

    • LOL Rickie! All the hard work is mine in cleaning and scrubbing! The moment I mention dusting or cleaning, all the boys suddenly remember something very important to do and vanish :-)!

  16. It is an impressive manor!!

  17. Ah, Rachna, thanks for this delightful view of your living space. I always like to imagine my fellow bloggers’ living and blogging space. As Janaki mentioned, your home is as warm and lovely as the radiance you exude. I have to visit your place when I’m there.

    Joy always,

  18. I love the colors you’ve used in your home Rachna. Such vividness and passion. Loved the pictures. Someday I hope to see it all live. 🙂

  19. afshan on January 28, 2014 at 2:03 pm said:

    I love the paint colors U used. The house reflects energy , love and positivity. The lamps do increase the beauty. As my mom dad bought a new house I know the hardwork and the passion to beautify it. May Be I shall use these tips in future when we buy somethng to make it our own!
    Bful house Rachna 🙂
    good lck for the contest

  20. Saru Singhal on January 28, 2014 at 3:27 pm said:

    I simply love your home decor. Books, plants and perfect terrace. 🙂

  21. Ah, Rachna, what a gorgeous place you have. And imagine the delight of seeing it shape up and fit in tiny pieces of your life along with the milestones. I particularly love the mustard wall and the green terrace. The boys room is also so lively. Yes, I love blues, greens and yellows 😀

    Wonderful post. Simplistic, just like you. I am so glad you decided to showcase your home. Bangalore is definitely on my must visit now 🙂

    • Vini, I am looking forward to having you over. This is the first home I’ve seen come up from scratch. As kids, we moved umpteen houses and lived in rented places. And, both of us were so naive. We went with our gut feel. And then went on improvising as time went by. Thanks for stopping by and appreciating.

  22. Very interesting start and beautiful pictures. But after the starting, this turning out to be an Asian paints contest post turned out to be bit of an anti climax.

    • Oh, did you feel let down? I actually take part in very few contests for the sole reason that the topic should be something I will want to even write otherwise. So, even if the post is written for a contest, every word is true and from the heart. My home is my pride. And yes, Asian Paints Royale is a great part of it. Thanks for reading, Karthik!

  23. You have a wonderful home 🙂 I would definitely love to taste all your specialities 😀

  24. You have a b’ful home Rachna 🙂 and so glad to see the green initiatives u guys have taken. Kudos! !

  25. Your home is so beautiful Rachna. I loved the Natraj painting at the back and the colors everywhere are so vibrant.

  26. I was searching for home tours following this Asian paints contest, and found very less people actually posting the images from their own home. I loved your home tour, and glad to found a simple haven, made truly from the heart, rather than like the images found in magazines. 🙂 I am truly amazed at how you do it all blogging, commenting, gardening, look after the kids especially since your maid troubles are well known!!

    • Thank you, Archana! Your comment made me so happy! Thank you for recognizing the toil I put in maintaining my home. And yes, I like simple lines and bold colours. Too many elements assault my sensibilities. Gardening is my husband’s domain. I won’t take any credit for it :). I love blogging because it gives me an opportunity to share my views and interact with others. I guess you always find the will once your heart is in it. Thanks so much for reading!

  27. I think a trip to the Garden City would be incomplete without visiting your abode, Rachna! Enticing indeed:) Best of luck for the contest!

  28. Such a warm home, lovely.

  29. Loved your home Rachna, and the warm and vibrant colours you have used – mustard is my fav. And your sit-out and terrace garden too.

  30. Know that you cook well, Rachna! And I love the blues best too 🙂

  31. Beautiful home Rachna,i see you love vibrant colors.

    We had our exteriors painted recently with the best paint but the painters stole away our paint and mixed some cheap paints instead so that the walls are showing black patches all over.I will now go to the Asian Paints link & see what can be done,i was looking for that only.

    • Thank you, Indu! I absolutely do love vibrant colors. Yes, I have noticed that the painters do this regularly. They may thin down the paint or even subsitute with cheap paints in the original Asian Paints cans. To avoid this, my husband used to accompany them when they went to buy paints. He would then bring all the paints home under his supervision and hand them out one by one. Of course, they can still adulterate them while painting but supervising them often handles that part. I hope the link gives you some good ideas. Thanks for reading! For our exteriors we used, Asian Paints Apex and Ace. They do not fade easily.

  32. You have a beautiful home Rachna…. 🙂
    I just can’t believe this sweet home is in B’lore… Hats off to you!

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