May has been a joyful month on many fronts. It has also been extremely challenging and depressing in certain other areas. A true roller coaster, almost reflective of life. I was reading somewhere we truly appreciate the good times in life when they have passed us by. Mostly we focus on either fire fighting the challenges or wondering why they are happening to us. So many times, I have this unnerving feeling that most of what transpires is out of our control. After that philosophical bit, let’s look at the roundup and focus on the good that happened.

Birthdays and Special Moments:

May is the month when my older son has his birthday. He turned 16 this year and I wrote a post on why he is so special for me. May is also Mother’s Day when we take a moment to feel grateful for the mothers in our lives. So blessed to have my mother-in-law supporting me at every step, of my mum’s lovely memories that act as a constant guiding force and of my own motherhood that has made me a better, more generous, more kind person. My boy, Coco, also turned 7 this May. Poor boy cannot understand the fuss on his birthday. J May was a month packed with celebration for sure. Just spending time with family, amid cheer and laughter is precious and these moments will last us a lifetime for sure.

I also made a short trip to catch up with family. Just 5 days with them is so energizing. Can never ever feel enough gratitude for the love of my family – my father, my sister and her family and my brother and his family. Spending time with my cutie pie niece was the highlight of the trip. Little kids are precious. Being around them makes you feel thankful for the smallest things in life.

May end brought in the results of son’s 10th Boards. He has done exceptionally well, and I am so happy for him. That said, marks really mean very little in the larger scheme of life. We celebrate because his efforts are validated but even children who have got lower marks must not despair. 10th marks matter zilch. Use them as a stepping stone to your goals. And for God’s sake, don’t compare. Your kids deserve better than that.

Health and Fitness:

Most of you are aware of the knee trouble that began in April. When I went to my orthopaedic doctor, he confirmed that it was a meniscus tear but perhaps not as bad as it could be. Grateful for minor blessings. But it also means that I have to rest this knee completely, avoiding bending it at all times to give it an opportunity to heal completely. I have also been told some exercises that I do religiously to help build strength in the other muscles. Luckily, I have been regular with my lower body exercises and continue to do exercises that do not involve bending the knee. But it has been boring and a real test of patience for a super active person like me. How very grateful it makes one feel of their body for being the perfectly oiled machine that it is! I know my body will bounce back soon. Till then no active workout. Also grateful for my friends who reached out to offer their generous suggestions and best wishes. Shalz thanks so much for your valuable phone call and the Reiki.

On the health level, I have been feeling much better – more calm, luckily no other diseases and in a better space in my head. Have to watch out for those respiratory allergies now that the monsoon is here. Have scheduled my annual Health Check this weekend. Grateful for overall wellbeing.

Here and There

Summer was less harsh this year for us. We have been having decent rains to cool down and monsoon is at our doorsteps. Can never feel grateful enough for Bangalore weather despite its troubles.

Spent a lot of time with the younger son who has been more subdued as his older brother started school from mid month. Both of us went for the family visit together and spent some quality time. As your older child rushes to adulthood, you hold on to the childlike exuberance and innocence of the younger one, who is also growing up too fast. Kinda sobering in a way. Always grateful for my kids who are my joy and pride.

Coco has gained some weight and is on a special weight loss diet and exercise regimen. As he gets older, we have to take extra care of his joints and ensure that he does not get obese which Labs generally are wont to become.


We launched a new Water Saver solution from Coco Smart Homes this month. We hope that many of you will get it for your homes. It really works. 🙂 Now preparing for a showcase to some parents at a play school this Saturday. Selling your own products is such hard work.

On the clients’ front, work is smooth. I am happy with all the exciting brand collaborations that I continue to do.

Overall, it has been a gratifying month. I can see a clear improvement in my perspective as I stop worrying myself to death about every scenario and focus on immediate goals. I am also much more productive daily. Have been handling work and play rather well this month. So a big pat in the back for myself. As for the challenges, they make us better right! That is how I’d like to look back some day in the future.

How was your May?

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May Gratitude

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17 Thoughts on “May and Moments #Gratitude and Roundup

  1. Looks like May was really good for you apart from the knee bit. Sending you a lot of healing vibes from here. I’m sure you’ll bounce back soon and make up for all the lost hours of working out. You continue to inspire me in so many ways.

    Congrats on the water saver from Coco Homes. I saw your video and felt so proud of what you have been doing. A happy belated birthday to both the boys, the elder one and Coco.

    I had a pretty good May too and hoping the same from June. Wishing you a very fulfilling June too, Rachna.

    • I am raring to go as soon as this knee heals. Trying not to worry about the weight that I am gaining. 🙂 Thanks for all the good wishes, Soumya. Fingers crossed the knee heals within June. Taking it as slow as possible just now. Wish you a lovely June as well.

  2. Sounds like a lovely month for you apart from the knee issue. It would be frustrating not being able to do certain workouts because of it but you continue to inspire me with your fitness goals! 🙂 I’m glad family time was rejuvenating for you. And what you said at the start – about us only looking back at good times – you’re so right! We rarely live in the present for fear of the future or nostalgically looking at the past whereas if we lived moment by moment, we could truly appreciate the good times while also learning from the challenging ones.

    Hope June is amazing for you!

    • Thanks, Sanch. The workout I do currently is barely 5% of what I do regularly. I don’t want anything interfering with the healing of the knee hence doing only what is advised. It is frustrating but I guess there is nothing else to be done.

      Trying to focus on the other positives while I struggle with some large life challenges at the moment.

      Hope June is good for you as well.

  3. Bring on the amazing news to share and look forward to read your monthly moments of gratitude. More power to the kids slaying the exam and let the moments flow. Living in the moment and making the most matters in giving contentment to the soul.

  4. So happy for all the wins this May. Big pat on the back for Sid and his wonderful performance. I could almost sense the grin in your message that day. Well deserved too.

    So true about the appreciation of good things when we no longer have them, isn’t it? Sigh, life and its vagaries.

    I do hope that the knee mends well. Very glad that you aren’t pushing it though. That’s a mistake many people make. For someone as fitness conscious as you it must definitely be frustrating. Big hugs. Will try and drop in some time this month to see you. Father in law is here since mid May so I am not moving around much these days.

    Extremely glad that you got to spend time with the family and wonder woman you! For travelling with that injured knee. Wow.

    Hoping the new diet regimen works well on Coco. I’ve seen that about labs and weight. You’re so right.

    Wishing Coco Smart Homes All the best for the years ahead. Definitely going to grow with all the effort you’ve been putting into it. Big hugs and wishing you an allergy-free June 🙂 Good luck to the kids for the new academic year!

    • Thank you for that warm comment and your wishes, Shailaja. Yes, I was jumping up and down and grinning from ear to ear that day. 🙂 A small thing like knee trouble makes me so much more observant of everything that we take for granted.
      I wasn’t going to miss that trip in any way and Gautam helped a lot, taking care of moving luggage and helping me where possible. Kids are such a blessing. And then dad and sister took such good care. I was literally sitting with my feet up at all time. 🙂 Yes, Coco has already lost some weight. Fingers crossed that the remaining excess weight will go as well. Hope you have a wonderful June as well.

  5. Hope you knee heals quickly. I now wear special shoes and that’s helped my knees a lot.

  6. 16 is so amazing and best to Coco too. I am sure Coco only loves the cake 😉
    Sorry to hear about your knee but like you rightly said, our body is afterall a machine. We need to take care of it and rest too when it needs.
    All the best on your business and I have been following some updates. Good to know you had some lovely family time too.
    Wishing you a lovely June, Rachna. Hope your knee feels better and stronger.

    • Thanks so much, Parul. Yes, kids grow up so fast. 🙂 I think we are the only family who does not get a conventional cake for Coco. I make his with chicken, carrots and some of his other favourite stuff. Thanks for your wishes. Fingers crossed the knee gets better soon.

  7. What an interesting month, Rachna!
    Happy birthday to Coco again! He is such a sweety–I am sure his new routine will work.
    Mothers are indeed a blessing. My fave quote is “God could not be everywhere, so he made Mothers” Glad you have your Mum in law.
    How lovely to spend time with family! Love your shades!
    Congrats to your son! What a great feeling!I wish him great success in everything he ventures out to do. And it is indeed wonderful when you have two kids. Sigh.
    Glad your knee is better. Do take care. Even if our weather has gone from hot to pleasant, rains of the kind we’re having is not always good news. (And sorry I haven’t done that video yet–went down with the flu!)

    All the very best for your business, Rachna!

    Truly, challenges polish us and make us shine!

    Thank you so much for joining the Gratitude Circle. I always look forward to your post…sometimes even before I write mine! ❤

  8. Hope you knee is feeling better Rachna. Its been a lovely birthday month for you. and such moments of celebrations are what makes life worth while. Its lovely to hear about your work life. Wishing you more successes on the blog and personal venture Rachna

  9. Hope you knee is better now. Such a lovely month of celebrations. Glad you had such a rejuvenating time with family! I spent a good two months in India and now I’m back…me and my thoughts! 😉 But the memories will keep me warm for a long time now!
    Selling your products, your work is such hard work. I hear you! All the very best! I know you’ll shine 🙂

  10. I know what knee trouble feels like Rachu and I hope the Reiki helps – its helped me tonnes.

    Your month sounds so lovely – vacations, family times, exam results and of course launching a new product. – all the best with that BTW. This is the need of the hour and I will check it out too to see if I can use it in my home too.

    Wish a happy bday to both your boys – Coco is my fav 😉 How I wish I could fly down to play with him.

    Wishing you much Joys and successes in the June to come!!!

  11. I like the balance that you bring to your roundup posts. That knee must have been painful, specially for an up and about person like you. Hope it’s better now. I love the pictures – yours with your son and also the one with Coco. Such warmth in there. Glad you could spend time with your mom-in-law as also your father, sister and brother.
    PS: I love your shades.

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