MadRat games have introduced what is called Worldโ€™s First Roll-up Puzzle. That feature certainly caught my eye, and I was intrigued to try their puzzle for my younger son who falls in the relevant age group. Though, I have to tell you that the elder brother chipped in enthusiastically as well to do the puzzle.

Madzzle puzzle review

What impressed me right away was the tubular packing of the puzzle. This tube contains a smaller tube which has the 120-pieces puzzle, the mat, data cards in a bag, a picture that is for reference purposes and of course the rules of the game.

Madzzle puzzle review

The puzzle pieces are of a superior quality. The packing is good too. And it is such a relief to not have the puzzle in a box which invariably means broken box and missing puzzle pieces. The younger one found it challenging and was engrossed for a good half an hour. And as is the case with puzzles, they enjoyed doing it again too.

Madzzle puzzle review

Yes, you make the puzzle on the black mat and then can roll it up and store it. This has many advantages.

  • You donโ€™t have to lose out on the puzzle that you have already assembled just because you need to clean up.
  • It is easier to start again from where you finished.
  • It is much easier to just roll up and store.

Madzzle puzzle review

But practically, the puzzle does roll up but does not stay completely in place. On one occasion, many pieces came out. On another, they had shifted a bit. Yet, it took lesser time to rearrange than to start from scratch. But, do be slow while rolling up. And know, that the pieces may shift.

What I liked about the Madzzle puzzle:

The puzzle is packed in a bright package with bright colors and images. The roll-up feature is definitely unique.

It has simple instructions that speak to the child

Marigold seeds pouch was a super cool touch. It invariably encourages a child to plant those seeds.

The puzzle glows in the dark providing a wow effect to the puzzle.

The deck cards allow you to play a simple game with your kids based on the puzzle. A nice, innovative way to get more out of the puzzle.

The reservations:

The price is on the higher side. This puzzle came for Rs. 750. But then it is reusable, unique and is of a higher quality. It makes for a great gift, and it is easily something that can be shared among friends or passed along to cousins. The pieces remain safe as they are neatly stored.


Overall, I think this is a nice puzzle. There are many more themes to explore. This is certainly something that your child would love to do especially if they enjoy puzzles. We all know that puzzles aid reasoning ability and increase thinking in children. It is good to get them these instead of having them hooked onto mindless games on tablets.

It is summer vacation time. Try them for your child.

8 Thoughts on “Review of Madzzle Mysteries of the Amazon Puzzle

  1. The fact that you can start again from a particular point after folding it up is a major plus, I must say

  2. This looks like a jigsaw puzzle sort of thing that you can leave incomplete by rolling it up. Like we have the “save game for later” option in Mahajong in Windows Vista.

  3. Why children? I can try that too ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Sounds like fun ….my son may like it too I suppose

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