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Buying furniture online

Buying furniture online is so convenient really. You can get so much more variety by browsing through large collections online. Whereas, the same would require you shuttling from one store to another from one part of town to another if you preferred to go through the retail store route. Imagine if you want to buy specific furniture from Jaipur or Jodhpur or get a computer table from Malaysia. It would be quite a task to get them shipped from there by paying exorbitant costs. Good online furniture stores offer choicest furniture from around the country and often abroad at reasonable prices and very low shipping costs.

I have personally bought furniture online multiple times and have never had a single bad experience. Here are some tips on buying furniture online that will safeguard your purchase and give you the best value for money:

Buy a good brand:

I normally do not save money by buying unbranded furniture albeit cheap. Furniture is something that we all hope will stay with us for at least a few years. Hence, quality and workmanship are supreme. Other things such as good warranty and good customer service are very important as well. Thus, do not skimp. Always buy from a known, credible brand.

Research the store:

There are a number of furniture websites retailing in India. Some of them may look very impressive as well. Yet others may have some lucrative offers going. It is, however, prudent to research the website properly. Check if it is a trusted store. Always look for physical stores and registered addresses of the store. The website must have a Customer service helpline and clearly stated policies like shipping, refunds, exchange, warranty etc. Also, look for reviews of other buyers online. Only when satisfied must you buy from the store.

Check the site’s security:

A reputed website always safeguards the privacy of your data. Check that the website’s payment gateway is well protected by confirming that the URL is an https:// and there is a lock symbol before you pay. Also, good sites offer multiple payment options.

Fine print:

Check if the terms and conditions are well laid out. They should make sense. Do watch out for any hidden print that can cost you dearly later. Shipping charges etc. must be boldly stated including the refund and exchange terms and conditions. Do pay special attention to the warranties – both the time period and what they cover.

Maintain records:

It is best to save your online confirmation and online invoice safely. These are needed in case you face issues with delivery or returns. Most places, the invoice is required for warranty purposes so save it carefully.


Frankly, I am very dumb when it comes to assembling furniture. Those tiny screws get my goat. Hence, I like websites that send their people to assemble the furniture for me. Nice touch, I would say. Also, I like prompt customer service that addresses issues. Free shipping is also something that sweetens the deal for me. It tells me that the store is confident of its furniture. Besides, furniture is so heavy that shipping costs can really become quite big. Hence, service is sometimes the factor that sways the decision in the favor of a particular store.

Buying furniture online

Use these commonsense tips when you buy furniture online. Now, great furniture is #JustAClickAway.

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21 Thoughts on “Tips on buying furniture online

  1. Great post especially as I need to start shopping for my new home. Btw the brand link seems to redirect incorrectly.

  2. yogi saraswat on May 18, 2015 at 12:17 pm said:

    valuable post Rachna ji

  3. Till some time ago, I shopped online for books CDs, Games, Bags etc. Recently I bought a big electronics item online and was absolutely happy with both the product and service. So, I am now keen and open to explore more such items online and furniture is on my wish list too!

  4. The next time I think of any new furniture it will be online purchasing for me. HATE going out to shop 🙂

  5. True that when one is buying online, it is best to stick to trusted brands. Great post!

  6. Buying furniture made easier than ever before. Checking the site’s security is a very important point that you’ve mentioned Rachna.

  7. I buy almost everything online. As long as you buy a good brand and have read the details, it seldom goes wrong. You are right about ease of buying furniture online, there is no need to run from store to store.

  8. Buying furniture is a pain. I know for a fact that most furniture sellers buy old furniture off people, revamp them and sell them off at triple the price thy bought them for! I bought this sofa set in January, and I’m still making calls to the guy to get its spring to stop creaking!

  9. Informative post Rachna! And the brand seems to have some good collection!

  10. What nifty ideas! I have been debating whether to buy online furniture or not, I think I am convinced now.

  11. Jane Allen on May 22, 2016 at 11:02 pm said:

    I like the part about buying furniture online. I honestly prefer it for the sake of convenience. I can’t just imagine going from store to store, in search of befitting furniture. I also think you get good deals online, when compared to buying physically from a store. I agree with you about buying a good brand. That’s important to avoid falling into the hands of crappy manufacturers.

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