The night is dark. The lovely, old trees seem ghost-like with large shadows dancing across their branches making them look eerie. The fire in front of me is crackling. The wood slowly turning to ashes but giving it all just before the life goes out of it. Staring into the glowing embers, my thoughts turn Read More →

I was seated across from her finally. I had carried out the conversation I was about to have with her several times in my head. I felt a little apprehensive as I am sure we all do when on tricky ground. I had held on for weeks hoping that somehow she would amend her behaviour. Read More →

Whatsapp don'ts

Since the launch of WhatsApp, it has caught on like fire. People think that just because they have your mobile number, it is their duty to WhatsApp you quotes, good morning, good night messages, jokes, videos and add you to groups where you don’t know anyone. All this without once finding out what your wish Read More →

selfie mania

If  there is one  innovation that has taken the world by storm, it is a selfie. Earlier we roamed around with our cameras mustering courage to ask a passerby to click our picture. And then later realized that either the picture was blurred or we were looking ungainly (fat!) only because of the bad angle; Read More →

Rains bring to mind beautiful weather, petrichor, a blanket of pristine green and a feeling of comfort as nature renews itself. The showers not only satiate baked earth suffering from harsh Indian summers but considerably cools down temperature eventually cooling heated bodies and minds. Monsoon is also the time when mothers worry about viral infections, Read More →

indian roads

I turned my car slowly on to the road leading to the school. It was almost 5 pm and the elder son would be coming out of the gate any minute now. My thoughts were veering to all kinds of things; the younger son was droning on about his friend and an incident that happened Read More →

We all hang on to old memories. They become so precious that we re-live them through photos or material possessions. I have old handwritten letters from friends, college scrapbooks, some lovely cards, even old emails that the husband and I exchanged during our courtship. Stuff we hoard and possibly take to our graves so precious it Read More →