I was watching this video, and it struck a chord – the easy camaraderie and the banter between the husband and wife. The skirting around a sensitive topic, yet conveying the much-needed message. It is no secret that men and women empower each other. Having been married for more than a decade and a half, I can see how my husband has influenced my life and thoughts. How different we are now from the people who had tied the knot so many years ago? We’ve grown and matured together, had kids and are raising them together.

men in my life

Very little of what I have done and continue to do would have been possible without his love and support. He is a man of few words, so yes, he has hardly ever sat down and explained why something must be done. He just slipped into the role easily when I needed help. Whether it is household chores or managing the kids when I travel, he has been a pillar of support.

I remember how difficult it was when my elder son was a toddler, and I took up a job with crazy shifts. The husband took care of the home and son in my absence and helped me as best as he could while I tried to juggle between working professionally and raising a child. Real empowerment comes from watching each other’s backs, knowing that despite everything, there is this one person who will be by your side even in decisions they may not agree with. It also comes from safeguarding our future by taking adequate life insurance.

There is also the area of health. We both keep each other motivated to work out, eat healthy and do our regular health checks. So many of my women friends often ignore their health and have it last on their priority list. Not for me. I get health checks done regularly. After all, I can only manage all the chores I do if I stay healthy.

I have also learned a lot from my husband. I have become so much more savvy financially. There are things he handles around the home easily that I just put up my feet and let him take care of. We also jointly own assets so that our future is secured. After all, what holds back women is when they have no actual possessions they own or are clueless about finances.

Both of us jointly handle our finances, insurance and investments. We work as a unit.

I also want to talk about my father, who never differentiated between his two daughters and son. If I am a fiercely independent woman who believes in equality, the groundwork for it was laid in my childhood at home. Each one of us got the opportunity to explore what we wanted to do, study and choose our life partners. After marriage as well, dad has always been the backbone of support in my life, gently guiding me and egging me on with encouragement and pride.

Finally, I want to mention my two sons who read every word that I write and are overjoyed at every tiny achievement of mine; they are my joy and my massive support system.

This International Women’s Day, I would like to acknowledge my husband, my father and countless other men who stand behind the women in their lives to help them reach out and achieve their dreams. I am blessed to have them.

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15 Thoughts on “The Men in My Life

  1. That was an adorable post and may you climb many more ladders of success with man and boys always in support

  2. How inspiring to read about the men in your life always. I feel you are very blessed and may you always be this way. Hugs and wishing you all a long, healthy, happy life together.

  3. The men in our lives sure influence us a lot. Thank fully, I have them in the form of my father, brother and fiancee, who respect my decisions and treat me as equal. Inspiring post, Rachna.

  4. It’s a beautifully honest post on the different men in your life, the journey, learning lessons and of course growth. Every relationship makes us grow four-fold and it shows, Rachna. Keep believing. It’s a sweet ad, by the way.

  5. We are so blessed, aren’t we? Touchwood. I wish more men were like the men in our lives. Stay happy and healthy always 🙂

  6. We need to do this more often – acknowledging the support from the men in our lives – you do have quite a bunch 🙂 and each of them so different and so wonderful.

  7. “Real empowerment comes from watching each other’s backs, knowing that despite everything, there is this one person who will be by your side even in decisions they may not agree with.”

    This really stood out – the unconditional support we get from the pillars of our life.

  8. A lovely post. Often taken for granted is our family and the support you get them. Great that you made it a point to write about them.

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