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The clock chimed 8 pm. “Late again, “ Rohan cursed himself. “But today, no matter what, I will go to the gym, no matter how late I get.” Determined Rohan, 52, pot-bellied, a Top Executive in a multinational company jumped into his car. The traffic was thick even at this hour. He glanced at his mobile as it chimed. His wife, Sneha, was calling. He switched on the Bluetooth. “Yes, I will be late by an hour. Will drop by the gym for some time. Keep the dinner on the table.” That was the last time, Sneha spoke to him. Two hours, later, she called and called but there was no response from the cellphone. Finally, Rohan picked up. She was ready to bombard him with angry protests when the gym watchman answered Rohan’s phone. He had collapsed on the treadmill. They had taken him to the nearest hospital. She should reach there. And the line went dead.

Meera was sitting and watching television. She was 62 years old, recently retired and lived with her grandson, Nishant, who was studying in college after the death of his parents. Her other daughter was married and lived in the USA. She enjoyed living with Nishant. He was a mature boy and was clearly meant for greater things. She did have a full social life with her satsang ladies and her travel group. She was in good health and pretty content with life. She had been having a niggling pain in her arm but was ignoring it, hoping it would go away. But not tonight. She was feeling restless and the pain intensified. She yelled out to Nishant. He came bounding from the other room to see his grandmother fall to the ground.

Seema worked in a government office at a clerical position. The pay was steady but not too much. Her husband, Prakash, had passed away a couple of years ago and her household was plunged into financial crisis. His life insurance money and her savings and income helped manage to keep the house afloat.  Her daughter, Rashmi, had stars in her eyes. She wanted to do CA after her graduation. She was a hardworking student and her mother’s pride. Just thinking about her brought a smile to Seema’s face and brightened the worst of days. As she was walking home lost in thoughts, a speeding bike knocked her down. Her hand broken, her last thoughts were of of Rashmi as she lost consciousness.

All these incidents are frightening and spell doom, don’t they? Reading them makes you feel hopeless, right? Not necessarily! You wish to know what happened when Madan got ill? See this:

Didn’t the video lift your spirits filling you with happiness and hope in the situation of despair? It did to me too. And it did for the 3 families above. The importance of safeguarding our future and those of our loved ones can never be stressed enough. Get insured today and lead a tension free life for yourself and your loved ones. Go forward in your life fearlessly. #KhudKoKarBuland!

Have you insured yourself?

21 Thoughts on “When you face life chin up #KhudKoKarBuland

  1. I am insured.. well atleast if I flop no one has to worry about paying the mortgage etc.. Sorted..☺

  2. Oh dear,not a post you want to read first thing in the morning. But then this is life and one should be prepared for its many twists and turns.

    • I know. But the video was actually very different and refreshing. Not your usual scary one. I guess death is an issue we all must mull over especially for the sake of our dependents.

  3. Yes life’s twists and turns can sometimes be painful….we must be prudent

  4. Scary situations and wish no one has to face them. But insurance is a must as it provides protection for the uncertainties in life.

  5. Very real and very true stories that happen on a daily basis, Rachna. Love the way you presented it 🙂 By the way, there’s another video on the same theme which is just fabulous – it is about a guy whose son is diagnosed with autism. So heartwarming how he handles the situation. It was apparently done for the campaign last year. Yes, I am insured. 🙂

  6. A timely Post, Rachna.. It is said that between a cup and lip there are many slips.. Here alone Insurance definitely comes to our true rescue when fate looks the other way.. We have insurance which can be truly supportive in a crisis situation!

  7. Well written post Rachna!

  8. A powerful presentation, Rachna. Good write up. 🙂

  9. Your narration in the stories are very good, natural! Very apt for the subject, insurance!

    We are insured!

  10. Health is very important and of course an insurance. A great way to share the message Rachana. The first one was such a reminder of Dave Goldberg’s sudden death 🙁

  11. We did. 5 yrs back when we both traveled to work together and would see an accident every other day, it would eat me inside. What if …we don’t go back home? What if…so many ifs…so, we insured immediately. Wanted to increase the insurance but that’s one thing that had been pending …uff and the will too.

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