The video above is cute and endearing. The playful way in which the couple dream about their future is so heartwarming. Their memories took me back to the scrapbooks that I maintained way back in school and college. I have a couple of them that I lovingly leaf through even now. Beautiful memories captured in a time capsule in between the pages of a scrapbook. They feel so precious now, much after those beautiful days have passed.  You know, I am not really a craft person so I haven’t invested in them after the college days. But seeing the My Long and Happy Life Scrapbook and My Moneybook by Exide Life in this video makes me want to fill some too.

Exide Life

So I acted on that whim and here are a couple of pages from My Long & Happy Life Scrapbook. This simple scrapbook gives you beautiful formats to chart out your life, dreams and goals on paper. Sometimes actually writing those dreams down makes us take the first step towards achieving them, isn’t it? This beautiful Scrapbook took me down the road of memories in all their vibrant shades. It was fun filling in pages about the man I married, the first home and also about my children, my cute little puppy and also spending time ruminating over retirement. I am sure, I will be still as energetic and a bundle of nervous energy even then.

Exide Life

My MoneyBook provided me a place to document all my financial details. My bank account details, my insurance policies and so on all find a place here. It is so handy to have all this information stored in one location for whenever you may wish to retrieve it. 

Since I am already in the mood to dream, let me share with you the three milestones that I would love to achieve some day. Of course, I have no deadlines but reaching them would make me really happy.

Exide Life

Travel: If I were a billionaire, I would do two things with that money, give most of it away to the needy and travel the world. There is just so much to explore on this beautiful earth, so many people to meet and friends to make, so much to learn and food to taste, so much beauty to see and experience. Yes, travel the world is my fondest dream. And every year I keep taking long strides by visiting exotic and beautiful places. I have many more such places on my bucketlist.

Volunteer: Some day when I am done and dusted with my responsibilities, I would love to volunteer. I would like to work with those less fortunate than me, to share something of myself with them and to get enriched in the bargain. There are many causes dear to my heart and at the moment all that I do is to give some money. But, I want to be more hands on, to do more, much more. Some day!

Cook and feed: Cooking is a passion that took a long time to surface for me. I was never formally initiated into it by my mother who was an excellent cook. Unlike other families, I did no housework and no cooking, just studied. But I watched and imbibed what I saw. I picked up basic cooking on my own before my marriage. But, my real flirtation and full-blown affair with cooking started after I came to live in the US. The Food Network made me try out various cuisines at home. I had a knack for cooking and experimentation made me better. I still continue to learn. Cooking gives me immense pleasure. Some day I would love to open a place where I can cook with fresh produce and feed people. Feeding something tasty and nutritious and seeing a person’s face light up gives me inexplicable joy.

Well, the future sure seems happy if we dream it and plan it well. . In my dreams, Kal khoobsurat hai.

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38 Thoughts on “Life and its dreams

  1. Your goals sound so sweet and your memories are just adorable! I love the idea of scrapbooks, autograph books, slam books. As for financial planning, I am just getting started. Yeah, I know, but better late than never .As for all those dreams, I hope you see them come true in the best way possible. We must always be happy no matter what we are doing, for that is probably the best way to live 🙂 Cute video, for sure 🙂

    • Yes, I agree, it is important to plan financially. I am glad that you have begun even if late. Thank you for your warm wishes. Only time will tell. I guess these dreams are fantasies that we would like to come true. Life is good and happy even otherwise. 🙂

  2. What a cute Video. I have always been a bad planner, but now have realised its importance. So I try and achieve a balance. Scrapbooks, honestly I have tried so many times but they have never been completed. Maybe I should try and finish them.

  3. Some years ago I did something similar called a dream board or a vision board. Then a couple of weeks ago I opened them up and found my priorities and visions had changed so much that the dream back them just didn’t fit in with my life any more . But it is fun to dream board or scrapbook or whatever you like to call it. Let us know how your dreams pan out.

  4. Love the video and glad to see Hrishita Bhatt after long. Such a loving video and such memories are precious Rachna. I don’t remember keeping a scrap book as child but on a notebook, used to write film songs, paste pictures of film stars and another one, writing some kiddish film scripts. Loove ur creative work as a child. It’s precious.

  5. I too had a scarp book in school days, its still with me, inspired by this post to take it further.
    I too love cooking but really fall short of time to try new dishes., may be some day i will.

  6. The video is cute and your post presents the concept beautifully. The idea of scrapbook is endearing to most women and tying it up with financial planning is simply cool Rachna. Better to start it early in life.

  7. The video is so cute and so are your goals. I started planning financially since the day I joined my first job and I’m so proud of myself for that. We women need to build a secure future around us. The scrapbook idea is fantastic and I shall start it soon.

    • That’s great, Soumya. You are so well organized. I did not start back then. But, I did when I had the kids. I guess financial planning is important for all.

  8. Rachna, this is a very inspiring post youngsters can learn so much from your post.

  9. Believe me or not, Rachna, the three things you have mentioned are exactly what I think and feel right now. To travel the world, do volunteering when I am out of responsibilities and cooking is my passion too 🙂 It was as if I was reading about myself. Except South East Asia, I wanted to visit the places you mentioned. I felt as if I was reading my own bucket list 🙂 I always dream about my retirement too 😛 I think it’s time for a scrap book now 🙂 Marry me when you are retired…we will go on the trips together and cook together 😀

  10. I planned only the financials – the rest I go with the flow

  11. My face totally lights up when someone feeds me “something tasty and nutritious” so lovingly! 😀 😀 😀
    I wish to travel too… see more of the beautiful world.
    This scrapbook thing looks really cool. Is it an app for phone or is it an online program or is it something you install on your computer?

    • I will remember that when I open that place. 🙂 You can go to their website and apply for a free copy. I have a soft copy. If you want, I can send you that.

  12. The video is indeed cute especially Hrishita. 🙂 Like the concept keeping scrapbook for dream management. Impressed by your dreams. Dream no. 3 is my fav. I’m a big foodie. So, when you’re ready to feed, don’t forget informing me 😛

    • Yes, I think there is a long list that I will have to keep in mind when I start the cooking and feeding venture. 😛 Thanks for reading, Ravish.

  13. Financial planning is great but what I personally have no talent for it.
    What i love is autograph books and scrap books-i have many .The former are soothing and the latter are very useful.

    • I don’t think you need any talent for it, Indu, just be a little financially disciplined. I agree to your take on autograph books and scrap books.

  14. I love your goals. I would like to volunteer some day too. I have even narrowed down the organizations. As for financial planning, we are just getting started. 🙁

    Oh and when your world travels land you in the US, let me know and I will be happy to take you around.

    • At least, it is a start, Shantala. 🙂

      Thank you so much for your generous offer. I will remember to take you up on this when the time comes. 😉

  15. I have always wanted to volunteer too. I used to do that stuff while living in the US, because I had more time. Even now, I prefer stepping out of the corporate crap and focusing my efforts in volunteering. Wish I had the money to live life without needing an income.. sigh..

  16. Seems like a good idea, wishes dreams and financial matters sure need to all align together for wishes to get full filled. Almost like a benign planetary position when all your stars need to align to make something good … All the best

  17. Just as spending to visit places is important, investing and financial security is important too. I could relate a lot to what you said, recently when I was asked what boon I wanted, I said I wanted to travel the world and have a wonderful kitchen to help me experiment with cuisines 😉

  18. loved the Khoobsurat Kal you have planned for yourself. I love the passion with which you have expressed your likes and dreams. Travel is big on my list too 😀

  19. I liked Exide’s My Money Book and am using it too. My Long and Happy Life Scrap Book is a wonderful way to list all dreams and goals. Travel, read all great books, volunteer and baking would be in my list! All the best for your dreams and goals, Rachna. May they come true for you soon! 🙂

  20. I know about Exide’s Money Book, Saru wrote about it sometime back too. Great concept to remain organized and plan for the future.
    Good luck with your dreams, travel is on my list too 🙂

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